Male Enhancement v2

Program of the old version, but boosted +

Send Stem Cells to the Corpus cavernosum, Corpus spongiosum and the glands of the penis to promote growth

Schumann Resonance and Grounding field

All this is made with waterfall sounds which will make it easier for listening.


This audio will be uploaded in Youtube tomorrow.


Any chance one can control the dimensions of growth?

For example, I’d rather not gain any length.

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@Maitreya Could you make a version for patreon members or for everyone who are on nofap?
Something like Male Enhancement without Aphrodisiac field but V2 version.

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just noticed the gumroad boosted one is 30 mins and the youtube one is 5 mins. :sweat_smile:

This is an extremely powerful field. I have only used it for two days and will say that it is the most powerful field ever for this topic.

The combination of hormones plus stem cells to promote growth provide the perfect combination.

The Schumann Resonance and Grounding field makes it possible for this ME field to be used for more time and with more strength without overloading the body than a normal ME field from Maitreya or other creators like Sapien etc.

Of course everyone is different (ages, genetics and health conditions) so go slow and listen to your body. Once or twice per day is a LOT with this field.

This is the best field for this topic on the market right now. $44 (father’s day discount) is peanuts for this.


No you can’t control the dimensions. From my experience you will gain somewhat in unison with both sides of the equation, but more on the girth side. Girth is more important, so that’s good.

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I have used Maitreya’s original Aphrodisiac and the no Aphrodisiac file on Patreon. I have had no problems with the Aphrodisiac one. If you have the will to resist, it will not matter.


You mean you already had results? Has there been an increase? Sometimes I think maybe I wanted to gain us 2 to 3 cm, but I also think my current size is good.

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Is it also going to be uploaded to Patreon?

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Yes, there’s progress and faster than anything I have tried till now without any issues.


Will you start including these in your audios?


It’s good idea


Is it ok to listen more than 3 times?

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Depends from your energetical sensitivity. Try and see how you are feeling with more… If you feel that something is not alright, get lower.

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Ok thx :slight_smile:

If male enhancement fields (Including this one) don’t work on me should listening root chakra break that plateau ?


It SHOULD work. This is the best field for this anywhere.

Stop other fields and listen to this only. It should work.


My problem is that every field work on me…Only male enhancement things don’t work
Even MEF and Quadible…I looped them 3 months every night and nothing happened