🌎 New Earth Nervous System Activation Codes

This field is created to provide new energies to Earth and to inform the body and nervous system about the upcoming changes. This will enable the cosmic energies and those from the Sun, which are currently upgrading the Earth and all living beings on it, to function more easily and adapt more quickly. Additionally, individuals who have already upgraded their nervous system or are doing so now with this field will receive a much greater amount of these energies effortlessly.

For those who still need this adjustment, it’s possible that they may experience physical, emotional, and mental challenges while aligning with the new frequencies of the Earth. We recommend using this field up to six times a day or based on individual intuition.

Upgrading the nervous system may make you more sensitive to energies and increase your ability to distinguish between low and high energies. It’s also possible that it may open up other abilities.

Use speakers to listen to it, regardless of the type of speaker.

Boosted Digital Mandala:


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