🌎 New Earth Activation Codes / Energetically Programmed Audio

The “New Earth Series” playlist has been created to download and provide people with the new energies that will be much needed from 2024 to the 2030s, and possibly beyond.

The “New Earth Activation Codes” field is designed to provide you with the energies and new codes needed by all beings in the new era. These codes and energies encompass activation on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.

This will enable you to more easily enter and participate in the new changes on Earth. The field can be described as if all your bodies are transitioning to a new level. Earth has already made the transition, and now it’s our turn.


We recommend listening to it multiple times a day, based on individual intuition and assessment.

Boosted Digital Mandala:


I wanted to write more about this video, but I decided it’s not appropriate for the video’s description.

I wanted to tell you that the beliefs you’ve had up until now in your life are loosening, and in fact, now is the perfect moment to focus your attention and determine whether the thoughts you have and the things you know are still valid.

More sensitive individuals may have already noticed that the old is shaking, and it will shake even more.

We have many interesting times ahead and changes in our inner world as well as in the collective. There are paths and energies that will carry us through this year and fill our hearts with more love, hope, and light.

Yesterday, there was a very strong and intense planetary portal open to give you a huge boost for change, and now is the time to pay more attention to the “loosened patterns” and with the help of the videos we will release for the new Earth, feel the new energies coming.


Is it about Pluto entering Aquarius?

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Hi, If I get the mandalas how long is needed to carry them on me to fully integrate the codes? Thanks for the new fields.

Everyone is different. It’s hard to predict. Some people have already done some healing, so they might integrate faster.

I was feeling very bad last week, even having problems to sleep.
So this must be the reason.
Is this related with the ascension period?
A lot of dense energies

I wake up at night and can’t sleep for hours. This shedding is intense. People who are not aware of what is going on get nuts.

2 of my close ones complain pain in ear in last 48 hours
Is it because of this new energy.?

I feel extremely tired, sleep for 9-10 hours most nights of the week, vivid, surprising and emotional intense dreams that makes sense at the same time.

A stronger desire to work with my subconsious and with that also getting faster results and answers than before.

Most things work better, It’s like my everyday life is in a flow with a different type of energy. Feel physically slow but smart. Impatient mind but relaxed body.

Heart chakra expansion. sore on my crown…

A need for changing my routines in different ways.

All this has been coming on strong during this fall and accelerated a bit more now during winter. I had som difficulties with body temperature regulation since this summer but The Christ Consciousness field healed that in about a week, very happy for that.

So, interesting to see what these 2 New Eart Activation fields will bring. :slight_smile:

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I am having lovely experiences with this. I am feeling grounded and relaxed in my body, rested like I haven’t known before in living memory yet have more energy and be motivated to work towards my own things not my job. The weirdest thing was I ate fish after like 3 years and could eat it without any issues. Could be the astro transit or could be this, but I am feeling very comfortable and happy. 🩷

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Very likely. I created this field because many people around me, as well as clients, shared with me the same problems related to the nervous system. They experience impacts on ears, eyes, nerve endings throughout the body, etc. Quite strong energies have started to come, but we need to tune in.


This one was definitely intense in this first week, and I was using the mandalas for this one and the nervous system one. It’s a good thing I remembered the ascension symptoms relief field existed, because I’ve been getting a lot of those again, more intense this time.

Here’s a really in-depth and detailed explanation on what exactly is happening to us:
Understanding Ascension and Coping with the Symptoms and Side Effects


Thank you :slight_smile:
Once we adapt, it will be much better than before, so a little bit of pain and discomfort is not such a big price.

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For anyone with really bad ascension related insomnia, using the DEC2 gene activation with the deep sleep regeneration DM helps compensate for the lost hours of sleep. I’ve been using those together for the past week and it really helps. It doesn’t help the insomnia, but just makes the hours of sleep that you do manage to get count more.