Nervous System Regeneration and Balancing / Energetically Programmed Audio

This audio will balance your Nervous System. It’s an awesome field for people who have a lot of stress and emotions they can’t handle, for people who listen to a lot of fields and energy audios, for people who have diseases related to the nervous system. This field will make you chill, calm and peaceful at first listen.

Field also will help with regeneration of nerve damage and create better nerve connections in brain and spinal cord. Fatigue and inflammation will be removed if you have so if you are feeling pain, this will help instantly.


Well done, I bought it immediately!


Very calming. Chill is definitely the word, and I’m only four minutes into the video. Thank you for this!


Daaamn, this is just what the doctor ordered. I have been going through a patch of anxiety and physical oversensitivity, and as I played this I felt twitching and contractions throughout my body and I became very relaxed. Definitely adding this to my daily playlist!


Thank you for this one!!! It’s really great for nerves !

I wonder if it’s possible to create mandala to always keep our nervous system balanced and healthy!


Can this be used daily as much as we want??

2-3 times a day is enough.
Listening more doesn’t grant faster results always.
Even can block the system to receive the energy and stop working or overwhelm you more than help.


Hey mait… Is this field safe for a 60 year old?? Cuz my father is having back pain and he says it’s because of stress… so will this be safe for him??

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Yes, with more old people fields work even slower.
Try with 1-2 times a day and see how he feels.
If there is dizziness or other symptoms - give him more water to drink.


Thanks a lot :pray:

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Can we have a mandala version of this please?

@Maitreya @Genius

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This is best to be used only 2-3 times a day.


I know, but it isnt working ;D

A mandala that heals nerves, reverts overgrown nerves back to normal and makes oversensitive nerves normal maybe?

Like a blueprint of perfect nervous system etc like braces one for teeth.

This one isnt helping with over sensitive nerves etc


There is a pendant soon coming with those properties + healing all kinds of addictions.


Mandala version of the pendant also?

Or I’ll astral katana you :smiling_imp:



2-3 times also for people who have anxiety problems, autism, or something like that? :slight_smile:

@Maitreya does 2-3 times a day apply to the boosted version on Gumroad too. If All Audios on Gumroad are Booster with x3 Power, should I only run it once a day?

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You can still use it 3 times if you prefer and it feels ok to you. If 1 time seems enough, you may leave it at that.


I just listened to this for the first time and it gave me warm fuzzy feelings all over my body. and I am digging the music. All of maitreya’s audios have awesome music actually & quite fitting for the subject matter! :heart_eyes:


Is this a restoration of entire Nervous system? Parasympatethic Sympathetic etc.

Or balancing

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