DM: Activation of Divine Unions

For those of you who have already listened to “New Earth Activation Codes” and upgraded your frequency with the new energies of Earth, you can continue with this audio, which is an energetically programmed field for the Activation of Divine Unions.

With the advent of the new Earth energies, we have the opportunity to end the cycle that attracts random people into our lives—those who are karmically negative, and even individuals who are not exactly people but programs from the matrix designed to create problems and drain our energy like batteries.

This digital mandala is charged to create within you a frequency that calls and attracts your spiritual family, the souls who are close to you, and those with whom you will have the opportunity to live in a new way—in harmony, with love, and who assist you on your path and mission.

The field will generate vibrations within you that repel all who are not part of your spiritual family and are in your life for negative reasons, ending contact with them and making it clear that you are vibrationally separated and have nothing in common to hold you.

The New Earth offers you the choice to connect with your people, your spiritual family, and those who will make your experience here filled with love, truth, wisdom, and beneficial things for you and the collective. All others will be released.

Feel free to embrace this transformative journey, connecting with your true spiritual allies, and letting go of those who no longer serve your highest good.


Wondering whether I might have to let go of family with this


It is indeed :slight_smile:

I had hesitated to use this field. I was worried that I would disconnect myself from the man I love, from family members that I know are toxic, but again I love them.

On the first night, I was attacked by the other side, and surprisingly, I was afraid. It’s been a while since anything in the astral world scared me. I guess those beings who meant to hurt me got angry.
Then, suddenly, my allies came. I was protected, safe and secure, and it felt so good. So, it was an intense exchange.
I had nightmares all night and woke up completely sweating.

Yeah, I am disconnected from most of my family members and some friends.

I used Mind Master and this mandala at the same time. So that’s the reason why it was intense. I also set the intention: “I am accepting all changes, and I let go of all people that are meant to harm me, and I welcome those who will walk by my side for my highest good.”


Might just have to use the courageous field with this. Thank you for sharing your experience @Polaris

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Hey @Polaris, does the Soul group beacon automatically cover this or is this an added layer on top of the soul group?

Soul Group Beacon will attract them. Divine Unions also end contracts with karmic people plus repel the wrong ones. So it’s more complex. If you already have SGBeacon, then using two of them will create synergy.

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