Morphic fields hinder the path of enlightenment/bardo?

Hey I could use some enlightening perspectives. Does morphic fields hinder enlightenment? Since morphic fields itself is a desire from our dream character, and Buddha has said desire is the cause of suffering, hence it would make sense to conclude that ultimately they do hinder since we still have a character that uses morphic fields and trying to improve the characters’ life?

Does morphic such as time breaker field effects our meditation towards samadhi? I’m really curious

First of all, they aren’t morphic fields :slight_smile:
I would say nothing helped me to discover who I am more than this type of energy work. Your choices, when guided by HS, will get you to your original state.
For example, my true self is confident, wild, passionate and creative, while I have been conditioned to be calm, logical and a good girl. I would feel drawn to fields that will bring me that true self, not what society, partners or family want. Or the opposite, someone had fierce parents while they are calm inside, but to fit in, they act like this. They would feel drawn to different fields. Of course Ego plays the part. So, depending on what your intention is: to fit in or become yourself.