More Tolerant Than a Tree

More Tolerant Than a Tree

Just as the unseen foundation of a tree’s roots is solidly anchored in the soil of the Earth and interconnected in a network with the neighboring trees, this field encourages the user to grow his or her roots of tolerance by nurturing a strong sense of personal values and living in accordance with those values, by standing guard at the gates of awareness, working towards mastery of thoughts, emotions, and actions with conscious endeavor and daily meditation. And as the tree interlocks with the roots of its neighbors, the user is inspired to give and gain fortitude by cultivating loving relationships with virtuous souls.

As the slow and steady growth of the Oak eventually surpasses and outlives the rapidly growing but short-lived creepers and fungi of the forest, the user makes stable progress in all areas of life - social, professional, economical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual - and gradually develops a majestic character that draws the attention and respect from all classes of people.

Just as a tree with its mighty trunk can stand a storm, this field will bestow upon the user the strength to endure tough times with dignity. The tree patiently stands in the wind and cold through autumn and winter, awaiting its time to blossom and flourish. This field encourages the user to never fall into despair and hopelessness, but remain ever confident that good times will await. The tree never complains, though it may be cut, struck, or even urinated upon, in the same way, this field solidifies one inner power as to not be triggered by external circumstances.

The luxurious crown of the noble tree is magnanimously providing shade from the sun, shelter from the rain, conducting photosynthesis for the benefit of all living beings, and giving sweet fruits and fragrant flowers for the pleasure of everyone, this field encourages one to live in a state of altruism, knowing that the highest happiness is experienced in the act of selfless love.

Reaches for the Heavens
As the crown of the tree reaches for the heavens, while the root is ever grounded, the user is ambitious to achieve either a magnificent altruistic accomplishment or spiritual perfection. Thus the user is impelled to strive towards true saintliness in thoughts, words, and deeds, without becoming otherworldly and alienated, while living in the three-dimensional world. The user recognizes the temporary nature of this world, and thus remains aloof from the trivial events of the world that create havoc in the lives of the critters on the forest floor.

With a sense of curios excitement in his or her heart, the user awaits the moment of death and has thus attained ultimate fearlessness through detachment. Carrying a profound sense of happiness within, originating from the soul, the user lives a beautiful life in this world, keeping his or her eye on the next.


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Can’t believe I overlooked this. This field is more precious than all the riches of the world. It is the Eternal Heart Field.


I was driven to listen to this right after sleeping with King’s Chamber I felt some tears leave my eyes listening to this (with Larimar in the background) as memories of my childhood and the trees I passed through in this life flashed in my mind. There’s this feeling of absolute Divine, Unconditional Love, safety, strength, liveliness, confidence, self assurance, acceptance, patience far surpassing seemingly even the aspects of parental love (lack thereof) i’ve experienced in my life. The feeling that they’ve always been there watching in ‘eternity’ without any attachment (complete abundance of life & appreciation) as if they have no beginning and the end and only in the present moment… with no concept of time and space. It’s sacred…

Folks… try hugging a tree or sitting near one at the base for a moment. It’s a precious and rare experience. They are alive. They are like ‘infinite’ incarnate as we are. We have lots to learn from Nature

Aligning / stimulating all the chakras and feeling more whole
(Pair with Inner Child Healing & Heart De-Armoring & Divine Truth & The Art of Letting Go) especially for empaths and those who’ve experienced traumas and codependency.

Ego and transformation notes: Ego dissolution + Ayahuasca + Dissolve Ego in Heart and mind?

Looping this for as long as needed

Here is a fun read: Can Trees and Animals Show Empathy and Altruism?

Thank you so much Maitreya