Money Amplifier: The Financial Flux Multiplier

It is absolutely fine to do afterwards. You can collect receipts and make a gratitude ritual in the evening. Look at the receipt/bill you’ve paid feel gratitude for having money to pay this, and say multiply x…


With this DM I love giving money… Like all the fear with « lack » has disappear. It’s like « Fearless » and « Domino’s booster » just gave a baby on this level ahah. Maitreya holy sh*t your work is unbelievable. TY. :heart:

PS : Frenchy boii with an average english but with a big gratitude :innocent:


Hello just an update. It’s kinda surreal lol

So my dad has been getting lottery tickets every now and then and he hasn’t gotten any big prizes like this.

After started using the mandala and multiplying for the last 3 days(for myself), yesterday he won around 100k plus in lottery,it seems too sudden for coincidence and I’m not sure how the vortex related to him.

I know it’s not for me , but connecting the dots, i seem to conclude that this field that i multiplied for myself worked for my dad because the days gap is just 3 days since i bought this and started using it and he won a huge prize🤔

hmm interesting ,either way I’m happy because he spent alot and took care of me ever since i was born and I’m happy the universe gave him abundance and returned the favor. Thank you, this is staying in the mandala manager for some time :pray:t3::triumph:

This field also provided me abundance mindset. I don’t calculate how much I’m spending and ect because deep down i know it will return back to me multiplied, i am generous with money


Congratulations to your dad! Money will come back to you in all different ways. Maybe not even now. Your dad played for a while, right? The Universe works in their own way :slight_smile:


My dad bought me a house under my name :slightly_smiling_face:
the universe truly works in unimaginable ways :pray:t3:


Congratulations :tada: :slightly_smiling_face:


I think i overloaded myself, my question is can i use the mandala like this …

Open image on phone say

" Multiply amount spent by 100 "

then close the image

will that still work ??

The mandala will work even if your phone is locked. If you want to take breaks, it’s better to print it out and carry it with you when you want to use it, and then set it aside afterward. The range is 30 centimeters.

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Happy new home! :slight_smile:



After we are done do we need to carry it with us or it’s all done and we put it aside?Because i feel this energy very strongly.Same with the Subconcious Mind Connector.

Welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

If you need a break, then once you finish your ‘session’ with the Connector, I would keep the mandala on for an hour or two just to give yourself a bit of time to adjust to the changes you’ve requested. Then you can stop wearing this. Fields don’t work on your aura when they aren’t activated, so it might take more time to get the results.

Is this also on premium Patreon membership? Would be happy if this was on Gumroad or Patreon. Paypal is a pain.

Edit: I found this field also on Patreon What’s the difference between the one on the dedicated site vs Patreon? Thanks

On site - boosted mandala
On patreon - audio from youtube

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Two instances of abundance I have received recently: a lower interest loan, finding a tax loophole that saved 4000 bucks. Abundance is showered in multiple ways, gotta keep the eyes open. :tada:
Thank you Maitreya and team.