Manifesting big goals or breaking it into smaller chunks?

Hi guys,

I have a question regarding manifesting, especially with all the nice fields we have.
Is manifesting by visusalising the end result the best option or does it make sense to devide your goals into smaller goals?
One youtuber mentioned doing a two part visualisation, one for the big goal/ the end result and also doing the same
for the parts of the goal.
Does that make sense from your point of view?

For example if the goal is to be financially free, but the current reality is about barely making ends meet.
One could go for the end goal, for example being a millionaire, or whatever being financially free means for the individual.
Or one could break it up in smaller steps, for example manifesting an idea for a business, manifest the business success and so on.
When does one make sense than the other?

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I think many times is better to start small, going step by step and I think the more specific the better, the more details you visualize or think the better but also depends on what intend to manifiest.
or maybe you don’t have a clear idea so in that case yo could start in a more generic way.


If you’re barely making ends meet and set a goal of a million dollars, your subconscious mind most likely won’t believe in the reality of that goal. But if you can find ways to make the achievement of a million dollars feel real to your subconscious, then why not?

However, if you’ve been trying for a long time without success, maybe it’s time to change your strategy.

I know people who had no income at all but achieved phenomenal financial results.

They didn’t focus on money as the end goal, but on goals like “I want to build a big service company.” They focused on what they loved doing.

And for them, money ended up being a byproduct.


I use both. Big goals and small goals. If the end goal is being a millionaire, cool, lead me there. But I also look at NOW. What resources do I have now, and how can I use them? Plus, small goals can happen fast, and you get that crucial faith that keeps you going.

Exactly. That’s the best thing. Sometimes, doing what you love and feeling aligned with yourself is more precious than being a millionaire.

What can you learn from that? If, despite all manifestations, you are stuck in this place, then this is a lesson. Do you feel worthy to become financially free? Do you feel you deserve this?

If you’ve won a million, would you learn all the stuff that you need to be happy? Would you discover your true self?


So, do you guys agree with the method or advice from the youtuber - to combine small goals and the end result together ( for example doing visualisations for both), I am speaking about them being both directed at the same goal?

And more from the practical side, since I do have the mandalas from Maitreya, what is the process, I think try to go for the stars and see how the reality changes, if there is not some apparent change happening, work on manifesting the (smaller) part-goals?