Choose words that resonate with you

Some words resonate better for some people, and some do not. Let’s say one person prefers words to activate/deactivate mandala. Another will use “keep mandala on/off”.

The same goes for manifesting wealth. I heard about the case where a woman used the word ‘abundance’ and gained weight instead of more money because, for her subconscious mind it was linked to the abundance of food, even though she didn’t eat more. So she replaced that with prosperity, and her business flourished.

Words are powerful, especially when used in any form of manifestation. Using words that you don’t resonate with can create unconscious obstacles. That’s why working with your subconscious mind helps a lot. You can learn your own unique language. What is good for me will not necessarily work for you. So test, change and adjust by following your intuition.

I replaced ‘manifesting’ with ‘transform’ as transformation turned out to be the key word for me. I transform my thoughts, feelings, and reality instead of manifesting because this word for my submind meant “oh, we don’t have it”.

I would love to hear your examples :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed in people around me that oftentimes those who grew up with poverty or at least lack of money use the word ”save” money.
And those with more wealth in their up bringing says ”gather” money.

As for the word ”manifesting”… doesn’t work that well for me either. It signals to me a complicated act we do in situations of lack. Feel tired just to write that sentence, haha!


For me, using a particular number or words like wealth/riches have minimal effect. I go for an easy, joyous, harmonious, prosperous, beautiful life. I also incorporate ‘Sri’, it is very close to prosperity but much more than that, it is however a Sanskrit term and not everyone would resonate with it.


It’s always better to use positive words, even conscious.
I used to focus to solve problems but I’m trying to find solutions instead.

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