The higher self and claim to be a millionaire

Hello friends, I would like to know your opinion on this matter, we are clear that to express money, in this case, you have to cleanse yourself at an energetic and subconscious level and install new beliefs as well as feelings related to the manifestation, but after reading a lot of material I find Conflicts between the idea of ​​being a millionaire and the connection with the higher self, in many products I see warnings such as “even if you do energy work, visualize and control your mind if your higher self does not want you will not be rich” or "you can only get what you need to live because money in piles almost always interferes with personal growth or the true purpose of the person, therefore you cannot have more money than necessary. Will it never happen? Money in piles tends to interfere with the true purpose? How can I Know that purpose to know if it interferes with my desire? I have tried in meditation and I do not get anything clear. I read them, thank you very much to all :slight_smile: @Maitreya

These are limiting beliefs held by those who stated them. So, for them this is how things work, because those are the limitations they have put in place for themselves. But, it doesn’t have to be that way for you.


Invisible being claims it’s really you? Another invisible being says through a channel that there’s this other invisible being that is really you and knows and wants what’s best for you? Do you trust your government as well?

The book and my comment have little to do with one another. In the book you can find a spirituality that has a different take on things. Like a good self worth vibration being more or less equal to the vibration of having more money. I want you to have another option than thinking poverty is holiness or that it’s the Siddhartha road. If you believe it is, fine, but I hope you don’t believe it just because someone told you it is.


hello friends, thank you very much for your answers, The reason for this question is because almost nowhere have I heard of manifestations of large amounts of money, you can have the “ideal partner” perfect health and even regenerate and even rejuvenate the physical body, but if you ask about the money issue There is always a “limit”, if for example you ask by lottery they tell you that you can win small prizes, but a very deep part of me tells me "no, you can win a cent or ten million, I don’t care, but you need to work a lot more in yourself than what you would do in a conventional job, the more you work on yourself the faster and more fun and quantitative it will be. "Is this my higher self cheering me on? or, what is it? I have never been clear about the concept of being superior, can my superior being feed a desire that leads me to meet him? My greatest wish has always been to learn to use psychic powers and have enough money and resources to just only dedicate myself to that, it may seem stupid, but it is the most tender and sincere wish of my soul since I was a child, and I have never lost it. Thanks to all of you who are helping me with this. :slight_smile:
Pd: I really liked your passion when answering. Thank you :slight_smile:


If your life’s spiritual purpose means you need a certain amount of money, the whole universe will be conspiring to get you it, no doubt. The ''working on self ‘’ suggestion may not be about how you use that money if it comes, rather undoing the ‘‘blocks’’ that cause you not getting it in 'first place.

The whole reason you’re draw to this apparently ‘‘materialistic’’ thing could be for totally other reasons too. It might be your true self’s desired medium to refine something like ‘‘work ethic’’ (to heal something totally different). Maybe you need money because we’ll soon experience the biggest financial crash of all time and you’ll be the one helping some folks on the verge of starvation. Sorry about that unpleasant last example…

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It does not.

I love this answer! Thank you for this perspective.