The Best Manifestation Techniques

What is your favorite manifestation technique that always gets you results?

Does this manifestation work for you in all areas or only in some areas of your life?

Which fields do you combine your manifestations?

When do manifestations come easily to you and when do you find it difficult? What is the difference in your inner state during a successful and unsuccessful manifestation?

Let’s discuss best practices and fields related to successful manifestations that helped you to archive your desires and goals.


Not always but when i wakeup i try to focus on something i want, with feelings… End result
I get sometimes, sometimes not…

I visualized getting download books.knowledge from this forum freeofcost , as i am a student. unable to pay the price
I literally sended msg to genius and he send it …
Now i am Visualising to get different products from.this forum :stuck_out_tongue:
I literally enjoy your products …they work tooooo fast and changed my life :3

I am learner of visualising technique so can’t visualise big right now :relieved:
Iam sorry, when my subconscious mind will accept whatever i need i will visualize big

mindset for getting things for me? lol :smiley: it will attract more poor you always say in your mind you have money to buy things you want it will attract abundance :smiley:

When i want to buy something , imagining it by end result doesnt seem to work,
but when i focus on chasing it (il buy it , ill buy it , i want it- in my mind) seems to work better

also i have 2 sources of money , one is MAIN income one is Bonus income
if i try to use main income for buying 1 thing and bonus income for another 1 thing, seems to work slow or not at all
but when i focus the 2 source of income into 1 thing, i got more bonus income to buy that 1 thing

@Maitreya What fields do you recommend to maintain a high state to manifest? Apart from Raise your vibrational state and love bomb I can’t think of another… :confused:

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