I can tell you from many years of manifesting that most if not all of life’s issues can be remedied through active manifestation. What you must realize is that you are the Ultimate creator of your reality. Besides the Elite ruling force(Cabal…which has been dismantled) pumping frequencies into your reality and brainwashing you over the years, YOU create everything you experience. The tools we have at our disposal these days greatly enhance the way we exist but at a certain point the tools are not needed. As Brian Besco say’s “They are just training wheels”. We all have Master level Manifestation skills but most do not actively use this skill enough to open it up or even realize how powerful we are individually.

I have literally manifested the ideal life over the past year or so and you can do this as well. I write this in response to the gentleman that is having issue with the KKK. You can dissolve all of that and create a utopia. This is the end game skill that we all must embrace at some point to fully understand who and what we are. 1 +1 = 3 Quantum Structure basics. You are the creator of worlds. YOU ARE GOD! Not a GOD literally the GOD of your reality. Everything you see is a projection of your mind.

Step into your true power and you will soon see and feel the truth.


I believe in manifestation power.

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Has it…?

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This is a great topic :slight_smile:
There is no time we are not manifesting as we are Creators like you said. Our work is to dissolve the system programming and to rebuild our new self - thoughts and life.


Of course.
And the keys are visualization and gratitude.
But you have to do your part, not just being passive and hoping everything will be magically served to you.
So, you have to take actions for example to be wealthy or learning a language or buying a car.


While doing the manifestation raising the vibration. Before and after the clearing is best.

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In other words the pleasure of the result is what you want to hold in your mind. The joy and appreciation for that. The result and all of the feelings it entails and hold that vision and your good.

Just don’t come back to your vision when your having negative emotions or doubt cause you’ll slow it waY down so literally find anything and I mean anything that makes you happy or laugh and distracts until you can come back and hold it positively.

We aren’t responsible for the fuel of the manifestation only to keep a happy and appreciative canvas for your desires everything else is tended to.


Also I use this prior to notebook reality scripting and or manifesting it’s just good practice to clear confliciting energies so your energy isn’t split and you send the wrong message with your energy.


My man! Thank you


We are manifesting our reality moment to moment. This is fact and this is the reality of reality. Take time each morning, through the day, and at night to take control of your reality by actively working with the energy of creation.

Morning practice: Before you get out of bed right after you open your eyes you can sit and think of all of the things you are grateful for. You can either say “I am grateful for…” Or you could use the Love angle and say “I love…”. After you run through about 20 things and really feel the vibrations of love or gratitude, you can then say to yourself. Today will be the perfect day and all things will work out in my favor. I am grateful for all the things I have in my life and am open to receive the wonderful gifts the Universe has to offer me. If you have a planned day you can quickly run through your day in your mind and create the perfect scenario of the things to occur during the day. If you have a random lifestyle then you can do the same but it may be a little harder since you have no clue what may happen. Either way you will be creating a template for how things could possibly happen.

Mid day focus: What you can do in the middle of the day is check in with yourself and see if things are moving in the direction you projected in the morning. Sit and ask yourself… Is today working out as I projected? Then recall any events that have occurred and verify. Then forecast for the rest of the day and ask yourself… Is the rest of the day going to work out as I projected? Then asses the current events and calculate your answer. From there you can re align your energy and thought processes to your liking.

Night practice: When you get into bed, close your eyes and run through your entire day backwards. Start with yourself in the bed at that moment then run through the day backwards as if you were rewinding a video. This part does not have a lot to do with manifestation per say but it does help with mind control and also gives you the opportunity to verify points in the day that may need revision, this is a very powerful technique I picked up along the way. After you run through your day you can once again state the things you are grateful for or the things that you love. Finally set up your dreamtime by stating something that you would like to occur during sleep. This is wide open and you can say things like… While I am sleep/dreaming tonight I have spoken to my guides/higher self/soul and received… While I am sleep/dreaming I have been shown my true purpose here in this life time… While I am sleep/dreaming I am now able to Lucid dream and easily recall my dreams when I rise.

Essentially what you are doing here is controlling your reality. You are now actively working with the energies of creation and not just allowing reality to control you. These are all old techniques that have helped me along my journey and are the foundation of manifestation. There are many more protocols that can be utilized but these are very simple basic tools that one can practice easily with minimal effort.

This is just one part to a multi - faceted way of being that takes practice, focus and control in order to achieve the goals you desire.


This is very great,please share more if you have :slightly_smiling_face:
can you share some of the reality that you manifest for yourself?

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Didn’t want to make a new thread on manifestation so I’m hopping in here to mention a recent experience I’m trying to understand. There’s a friend I’ve been thinking of but haven’t heard from years. I thought of them briefly while going through my emails, then got distracted with other things. Hell, I even remember doubting I’ll ever get to talk to them again. Suddenly, a day later, they got in contact with me out of the blue and give me a new email address. But here’s the thing… I didn’t visualize anything, or put in any strong emotion. So how did I manifest this? …did I even manifest it or did it just ‘happen’?

(Then again, maybe nothing ‘just happens’. But I’d like to know how I manifested something like this with no effort or visualization involved and sans mandala.)

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@swordsdance There is some method of law of attraction that work(depends on your manifestation power i guess),and that is detaching from the outcome.You have a big and deep desire of something,you imagine the outcome and the important and final part is you DETACH from it.You have to forgot about it.The scenario that you give,is the same like that.

p/s: thinking about your friends is same like imagining him to contact you.

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Manifestation is our natural skill.
If your energy system is clear, every thought you have will manifest in hours…
The truth is - that there is not even a second without manifesting / creating our lives…


A little scary, in a way. Think happy thoughts! :’ D

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When you go up in the levels you must do that very thing but at the same time your mindset is very different when you have full control of your reality.

I have spent many years grinding to get to a place where I can call things I to my reality Instantly. I also am in a place in life where I need very little due to the amount of work I put in.

Manifestation is a cake walk! It’s when you start breaking down the veils and ripping holes in the Matrix where the shit pops off lol.


I just manifested some burgers. Pretty cool.


This just came to me so here it goes.

One reason people struggle with manifestation is the inability to hold a visualization for long enough periods of time, as well as not knowing how to visualize said reality. Even at my level of understanding about manifestation it is sometimes tough to visualize what exactly I want the reality to look like. Here is a suggestion of how to make visualization during manifestation easier.

Get a recording device or an app on your phone and record yourself walking yourself through the visualization. Essentially you are creating your own guided visualization. This in itself may also be tough to do but it is definitely worth a try. Tell yourself what to create in your minds eye. You need to get the key points first then you can script it.

You may want to listen to some guided meditations first so you can wrap your mind around how to approach your own. Figure out what you want to create in your reality then write out a script for that new thing. If you are not able to do this with your own voice you can type it up and use a text to speech application of some kind. This approach may even be more effective since most people write better than they speak.


For visualization/imagination, what type of view should be use , first person or third person??