SBR problem

Should SBR1-4 be used together? Also, use SBR with other mandalas to maximize the effect and energy.

Can be used together, but those fields are very strong, so I suggest starting with one, and then adding another one after a few days. If you use too many fields at the same time, you might get overloaded and have 0 results.


Can they be used together, even with the optimizer?

So how can we use them together to achieve better results? Give me a plan for using them together.

This is my combination, will it affect the effect? How to match it correctly, here is my matching picture


It’s not all about the correct match. It’s about your energetic system capability. If you want to make too many changes at the same time, it will not work.

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Please give me the correct quantity and combination

Please follow your inner voice and intuition. Ask your Higher Self for guidance.

Hi, did you who make the Mandala Manager manual in maitreyastore? The design is very good.

:blush: Thank you. That was teamwork. Glad you like it

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I still need some matching plans for reference. Now my communication skills are high and I don’t feel it.

Dear Holmes, I can’t provide you with a plan and instructions. I can’t take such responsibility for your spiritual growth, and it is all up to you to make decisions. Connect with your HS or guides. I strongly believe that spiritual development is an individual journey, sometimes full of mistakes, and that’s ok. That’s how we learn and evolve.