Not getting results from mandala

Hi, I bought weight loss mandala and using from 2-3 weeks but i am not getting any results, i am eating by counting calories and all still i didn’t lose any weight, will this take some more time or am i doing anything wrong?
i put the print near to me while sleeping.

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Same here. I got results from subliminals but none from energetic fields and DMs. Since I bought Reality shifter DM and Trading fury DM with some free DMs 1 year ago, I got no result.
The only thing I can feel is when I meditate with Reality shifter DM, i feel energy flow inside my body. I feel tingle and shaking that does not happen with normal meditation.
I still believe in DMs and enegetic fields and use them everyday beside subliminals.

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I bought it because i am too much short in time to do exercises plus i had some back pain… but mow i am kot seeing any results and i am worried now.

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I did not notice much results from any of the physical mandalas either. Audios seem to work slightly better for physical changes (slightly). I recommend Super Metabolism boost and weight loss audios by another popular creator (not taking any specific names to avoid violating the forum policy) which gave me good results.


They, don’t work it seems… pls guys if you are in calorie deficit, continue the same. You will lose weight, according to your calorie deficit, not with this mandala or audio. They don’t work. From Sapien to This all became money minded. Stick to your reality, find the real path through meditation and research. Not these mandalas and audios.

If the people creating audios and mandalas really wanted to help, let them give it for free. We can pay as much as nedded if it works, but it doesn’t. If they really wanted to help society, let them do it in right way . Atleast if not for us, maybe for poor people, who cannot buy these fields. Imagine there are tons of people who cannot afford the so called working fields, but actually they are the ones who badly need it, the poor people, who doesn’t even know these exist. To be frank , they don’t know because it didn’t worked, if worked, people migth have recognized. Funny.

Just leave these things, stick to reality and meditation.

FYI I have spent money to buy many fields from Sapien and Mitreya as well.

Who ever reading this. Don’t spend any money on these fields. They don’t work. I have been using field for 3 years from Sapien to here. They don’t work. Even if you cleared al your limiting beliefs.

All I can say is don’t spend money. Now you may spend, buy field and stop using the fields and forum , and come back to post the same message as I do. But there will be new members who always defend this forum, because they are mislead by the comments in youtube videos and here in forum. Eventually they will spend money to buy more fields, gets disappointed and end up as me again.

I don’t mind about the people harassing me due to these comments. But this is real.


Not true. Some fields work for me, some don’t. That does not mean these fields do not work. People who buy fields, buy them after trying out the free fields. If someone buys fields when even the free ones are not working, they are just stupid. If fields don’t work for you, it does not mean they don’t work for anyone else.

We have a working testimonial posted like right now.


My experience with fields so far

When you use multiple fields from many creators, you may not feel the effects. May be you are over loading yourself.

Less is more: Stay with one or two fields (aiding each other indirectly).

Trading Fury Mandala : I was using it for like two weeks and had break of three weeks. I noticed during the active 24/7 use of the Trading Fury mandala, I was actively watching videos related to Trading, Understating the complex subject was much faster, I could apply the quickly learnt things in live markets. Also, during the break of three weeks (not using the mandala), I could feel that I am missing it and my interest in actively learning /watching videos reduced.

Fields are tools which aid in achieving your goals faster. One has to actively work/make effort to achieve his/her goals.

Set one or two small goals, use appropriate tools, actively try to catch the intuition you get from using the tools to act /catch the opportunity.

Hope it helps!

Wish you all the best! Be greatful to have access to these fields.

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Seriously ? so even the Pain Cards and Plas** Flower from Sapien didnt work for you??? Sorry to hear/ read that.

In my case they worked amazingly for me, thats what starts me from buying fields.

My wife after giving birth always have dreams of big foams ( mattresses) falling over her and adding the feeling of breathing hard and have a hard time sleeping because of that. I used emitter/broadcaster/ healing chamber since you cant play fields with a baby ( thats why i keep asking in the broadcaster thread on how to affect other person) and after that no more dreams like that. Just to be sure also , some nights i removed the usb just to test if the dreams will come back, and they did. So i know the healing chamber is working.

Something i noticed with the fields is that if you have a goal that you pursue they work well.
Like the Finder , if i ask for something just for the fun out it, it wont work but if serious they work.
and Also i think its best to stop trying every new field that comes out, stick to the ones that you have and need in that moment

although i agree with the weight loss mandala, at first i get tired when the mandala is near me, but after a week it stop working for me, hoping it will be boosted/ updated(?)

This is all base on my exp.


I feel you :pleading_face::sob:
Same here
DM from Maitreya didn’t work for me

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You have the divine invocation mandala.

Drop everything and use that one only.


I am also very confused with Maitreya’s mandalas.

I bought DM SMILODON, I have both guardians and some things happened that I don’t understand:

1.- A guy attacked me in the street.

2.- People keep projecting their negative emotions on me.

I have bought DM: Smilodon, Warrior Presence, Field Emitter, Field Optimizer, Mandalas Manager, etc
and I have also bought some audios and I have not seen results either.

I do not know what’s happening.



Just get used to it bro. In life, things work for people and dont work for others. Like a self help books, podcast, study…etc for some people it can dramatically change their life, but for some it nonsense. Or some medicine, especially traditional medicine, they can work for some and harm for other. So we have to experiment to know what stuff work for us. That is basically life :slight_smile:

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Why do you think he should do that tho?

Would this help remove blockages, subconscious limitations?

He has issues.

Its god.

Not anunnaki or hindu deity god

Literally god, and it asks for help.






Creator of ALL universes

It can help with ANYTHING.


Damn, I misunderstood the description for this one a lot lol, ima start using it too


@kd29 off the wall this will seem but pick an avatar. It will help the dm work for you. I read you accidentally.

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This is the mandala everyone must use :fist:


Why did i skip this one :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: