Stopped listening

So I’m currently staying at my moms house for 2 weeks and I haven’t been able to listen to any of the audios. I’m not sure if this is the cause why but I’ve been extremely tired and I’ve felt like I’ve had no will power which is very out of character. Is this because I’m not able to listen to them?

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I don’t believe fields create a dependency but it is something I’ve wondered about. The body and mind are adaptive. It’s well known that herbs that create certain benefits become familiar to the body so that it adapts to work the way it did without the herbs when it has the new herbs in it’s system for long enough. This is why many herbs are recommended to be cycled on and off with rest periods of weeks.

I don’t hold the belief that this is the case with fields. But I do wonder about it.


If a field is a true morphogenic field then it should bring in the blueprint for the desired change. It that’s really what is happening then I wouldn’t think we would habituate, we should instead change into being in accordance with the field.

But if the field is taken away before we’ve changed fully, I wonder if our physiology has begun to lean on the field and then it has to go back to working harder on it’s own to be in a right state after the field is removed.

All speculation on my part but I hope it contributes to this discussion.


To be honest bro, I think it’s just because us humans like to stay to a routine, or at least we like to do the same habits we have been doing, whenever u stop doing stuff you’re used to doing, your brain wants to go back to doing it because it’s comfortable and familiar, it’s like how people relapse on semen retention, they withdraw from the dopamine hit from pmo and they don’t replace it with other good dopamine sources, so when the time comes to where their body’s have to transmutate energy and get dopamine somehow, your brain will force u into relapsing. Anyways that’s kind of a long example lol, I think it’s just because you’re used to listening to fields now, and if it wasn’t a permanent field u were listening to, u probably feel weird that u don’t have it now.


Well, since we are on this subject I would like to say a few things about me that I have noticed over time and that are not very good, already saying that I am not saying that this is caused by the fields, it is only a possibility. But I definitely don’t feel like I did in the past since I started messing with these things, I feel like my willpower has waned, I don’t really pursue something, and every time it starts to get hard or tiring I give up, no I have motivation to do practically nothing, being that I am still young, not even things that I like games or anime, I mean, if it is really good you can arrest me, but there are few cases, I do not play more than 1 hour a day generally even a game I like because I don’t have the patience anymore, I already thought it was dopamine problems due to excessive masturbation and so on, but frankly I don’t think it is that anymore, I masturbate for many years and I wasn’t like that before, the dopamine dysregulation makes you want to do only pleasurable things that you like, but even doing something I like I don’t feel motivated anymore, there are a dozen audios that help with that, I know, but none of them seem to help with that, and there are other strange things too, but it is beside the point.


I think I know what you’re talking about. I don’t really know the reason but I wonder if there’s just too many drains on us. Seems like Grounding, Empath and Chameleon gave me my own energy back. Probably Mind Control too. (After that, an anti-procrastination sub actually worked for me when it and many like it did jackshit for me for years) I think this is an energy vampire planet. No one recognizes what’s going on all around them cause it’s too horrible to admit to themselves or they don’t want to be labeled as “sensitive”.

Put together the lightbody combat of David Wilcock’s books with The Fantasy Bond by Firestone showing that love in most families is a lie masking hate. And then The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness by Erich Fromm. Then pay attention to what you’re seeing day to day with your own eyes. And that mystery of why I don’t feel like doing shit no matter how many anti-procrastination fields I use… it starts to make sense.

One more book if you’re really looking to put the big picture together. “Games People Play” by Eric Berne.


thanks for the tips

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It’s a lot. I don’t expect anyone to read all these books. But it’s there if anyone wants it. It all forms a picture that no single author has had the ability expose. But each of these have done a visionary amount of work towards that goal.

Best thing I know of as a substitute to all that reading:


Maybe you could try out maitreyas persistent fire field, or the warrior archetype. Or responsibility and action lol. I also saw an unstoppable willpower field on dream seeds channel. But the main thing to get out of a rut is slowly replacing habits one by one, just show up everyday and it’ll become habit. Just like how I show up everyday for fields lol, I just do it everyday because of habit

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It’s possible to feel drained after stopping listening fields, not because they addict you, but because every single audio is an energy from outside. There are people who are telling me that they are listening to 40 fields every single day. Imagine how much power is that from outside…

BALANCE in life is most important in EVERYTHING.

If you drink a homeopathic pill of belladonna you get healed, but this is because it’s the right proportion. If you drink x3 more than normal dosage you get poisoned, it’s simple as that.

Fields will work faster and better if people don’t overload their system.

Get rest between listening or as someone else said above - ground yourself. Go in nature, let the body balance the electricity and magnetism in it. Take rest. This way everything will work better.


When u say grounding, does that mean we have to go barefoot onto the grass? Or can we just talk normal walks outside? Because I rarely ground by going barefoot

barefoot is best… if you are in nature better

all imbalances of body are fixing and the electricity and magnetism are also balancing /one of the reasons for people getting illness is the more of one of these than the other

you can use the whole nature, go into some river, hug some tree, etc. everything there is alive and ready to connect with you and “ground you”


Do u think it’s still necessary if we use your grounding field? It can be a bit challenging to ground sometimes right now. Even though I do enjoy it

Doing stuff on the physical is always stronger than energetic but of course it’s better than to not ground yourself at all.

You might try dreamseeds tree experience with maitreyas grounding one, those two are pretty good for grounding. (if your nervous system is completely overloaded take a pause from fields and sound, take a shower and do physical exercises, maybe breathing exercises too)


Thanks for the advice bro. I’ll try it out sometime


I dunno, I kinda feel like the more I advance spiritually the more I change. I don’t feel like doing stuff cause sometimes just sitting here feels so good. Plus I’ve gotta save my energy for what I’m trying to accomplish. Thing is… this work will change you.

As the ego fades parts of you will fade… even memories .

Just what I noticed through Ascension experiences. Kundalini work alone took me a year of basically laying in bed dealing with self demons. It sucked lol

You can also use Magnetite stone for this. The properties of Magnetite will hold your frequency at the level it currently is and allow you to stabilize for however long you wear it. It is also said that Magnetite will ward of any paranormal stuff so you will not be invaded by entities with mal intent.


For sure! You are the only person I have heard speak of this field outside of myself. I find myself just standing around like a tree when I use that one outside hahaha. I can tell you that when I use that field for a few days I notice some very cool events in my reality.

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You have been using the fields of people who mistake spirutuality for “human advancement” you must have been using fields like “ego dissolution” “positive vs negative” and things like that alter thoughts. These are all misconceptions that caused you to lose your mind. Be aware that people pay heavy ammounts of money to psycologists and medicine to have what you lost, so mind your own mind and find a way to reverse back to what you were because those things cause emotional numbness also because ego isn’t a problem this is like saying your brain is a problem because it has a tumor so let’s remove your entire brain. The creator who made this “ego dissolution” has also mental illness. If you can’t medicine and a psycologist can’t heal you because it’s not what you thought it’s a physical damage.

You can’t make statements like that without proof. Watch what you are saying.