Lol pendelum

If I hear someone say my pendulum says… I’m gonna explode lol lol lol

Why? What even is the point of this thread? What, just to pass judgment on others for using language you don’t like?


Oh trust and believe it’s not judgement. The point is to express my emotional distress. I feel pain in my soul for those that need them to survive.

What is a pendulum? I have asked here and haven’t found answers. Is it a physical device like the usual one or something related to sprituality?


How To Use a Pendulum for Guidance and Clarity | Well+Good

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Thank you :blush:

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It most definitely is judgement, and it’s insulting.

Pendulums are a method of divination, which is nothing more than a communication system designed by Spirit to allow mankind to receive wisdom. All of the divination systems are equal in this regard.

So, why mock those that use pendulums? Will you also mock Tarot, Muscle Testing, Casting Lots, etc. as well?


(sorry for French translation, it’s automatic)

I’m curious to know more, can you give me details of how you felt about the pain in your soul.

Do you communicate realy with your soul?


To each his own at the end of the day…different tools of divination to get to same source…I dislike pendulums myself, just from the aspect that it potentially can be hi-jacked energetically…
I’m working more to be able to discern incoming information, Source? Ego-self? Higher-self? etc…don’t see it as judgement, more like personal preference?

a few years ago when I was younger , I was using a Bottle Cap for advice and / or answers. I was setting the intention that if the cork falls open to the ground, then the answer is yes, and, if the cork falls closed then the answer is no. and I did it when I wanted to know if I was going to succeed or fail in something that I was doing. or when there was no pass / fail game, I used this method to know at what level (average, good, very good, excellent, etc) etc) my results would be. in short, I could use this method a bit for anything and everything.nobody taught it to me, I developed them myself because sometimes I really needed to have answers, and or to reassure myself about certain things.

Normally I would have to make a single throw and take the result of that single throw as a clear / certain answer,but sometimes it happened that when the answer did not suit me, I repeated the throw two or three times and compare the number of positive responses to the number of negative responses, Much more positive responses than negative responses, definitely meant a positive response.

If this method gave me a positive response, I was a little reassured, but if it gave me a negative response, then I was a little worried or a little stressed.But once the test for which I had asked the question had passed, I no longer thought about the answer given to me by the bottle stopper because, I knew deep down that the answers were due to chance, and that I always tried to influence the outcome to my advantage

Is throwing a cork to get answers from the universe a divination technique ?!, I don’t know, but I do know that experience can easily be influenced by anything and everything (even with placebo or nocebo)

I respect the beliefs of others even if I don’t believe them myself, but I think that using a pandula to communicate with his subconscious (or his soul / or his higher self), is not a method which gives reliable results, because this method involves an element which is not reliable at all, this element is the person himself who uses the pendulum.

A person using a pendulum is not neutral, they have positive and negative subconscious programs that will always tip them to one side of the scales.


Very interesting. This reminds me of an educational program that I saw about 20 years ago on TV. It was basically a local infomercial for a binaural beats CD set to help school kids with learning and they had a bit in it to demonstrate how powerful the subconscious mind is. They had a few kids sit at their desks and gave them a paperclip dangling from a thin piece of thread and told them to hold that thread as still as they could and try as hard as possible to not let the paperclip move, but to imagine the paperclip moving in their mind only, and try as they might the paperclip moved every time, no matter how hard they tried to keep it still, just by willing it to move. So I can see the value of using a pendulum as its basically directly connected with the subconscious mind (or the tiny movements in your fingertips are), but it can also be easily influenced by your imagination, and as @Takyon mentioned: be easily influenced by what you WANT the answer to be. I could of course be totally wrong. I like to keep an open mind and if someone is comfortable using pendulums, more power to them!


Dear @maitreya
I’d like to draw your attention to something. The forum has no regulatory practices nor it does have any engaging participants with really valuable posts, except a few. Strangely, the forum has attracted some unusual people who don’t have anything productive to say. If it was Sapien’s forum, people would think ten times to write even a single opinion. But here, the same people say anything they want.

You have posted lots of great threads with beautiful fields going on but hardly a few people give their reviews. For an engaging conversation, they need to be appreciated and the communication should also be smooth. Guys just hangout in discussion thread of other creators and that place is absolutely toxic, to say the least. I have never felt a good energy on that thread. You should do something to attract some valuable people who will contribute greatly to the forum, instead of people asking things for satisfying their stupid egos.

A forum is a great place to define and describe what the owner stands for. But the members should also be remembered what vibe they should give off, depending on the place, instead of vomiting out their toxicity and negative thoughts and then running off.

Just my 2¢!

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People use pendulums and similar methods to find water, with great success for centuries. Obviously, the method works. It is another matter if you and I have learned the skill. And a third issue is that some people become dependent on divination methods and forget to live their lives.


@Sam Regulating free speech is a toxic practice that has crippled our societies in recent years. I highly support freedom of expression, even if the person is wrong in my opinion (as in this case).
I find it strange to put pressure on Maitreya to find “engaging participants” for her forum. She creates fields. She is not a social media entertainer, looking to attract people who are “engaging”. People who are attracted to what she does will come.


Amen Lyra

Yes, the sapiens forum is like that, and that’s why it has become the dictatorship it is today, that if you have a different opinion or disagree with the forum creators, you are targeted by all sides.


Seriously dude? Toxic Topic? Where is this topic toxic? I admit there was a time when it was really full of weird people and long and heated discussions, but those people have all been banned, the discussion topic from other channels is quieter than ever, it just doesn’t make sense to what you say.