DM: Virtual PEMF Therapy

This is an energetic recreation of PEMF Therapy, aka Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy, which uses magnetic fields to improve healing by naturally increasing electrolytes and ions, while influencing electrical changes on a cellular level. It is also helpful in relieving pain, and works with your body’s own recovery processes. When activated, this field works on what needs to be worked on, but is intelligent and the PEMF therapy can be directed towards any specific areas of your body (through intention).


This is great - PEMF has many healing applications - Thank You! And the treatments and machines are very expensive.

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Designed this one :slight_smile:

There are cheaper devices @Onapath - I have one called MiraMate, it’s around $200 usd. But this mandala I think will be helpful for those who can’t afford the real thing


Nice one. Hopefully the DM is more ‘medical strength’ like the expensive model. :grinning:


Why is this not in gumroad?


upon activation , how long do we wait before using the mandala again ?

Do i need to activate it every time, or is it automatic?
I put the Mandala in a usb with Field emitter and Digital Optimizer.
I wonder if we program it each time, to .use any PEMF device thats available.
If its automatic in the Digital emitter, then you could have the energy of your Mandalas through PEMF.
There is a PEMF Device thats incorporate fields, together with PEMF technology

I just bought this mat a few days ago for $1290 (inc. shipping. customs & taxes) at their website. Then I pasted the 4 mandalas at the center. I’ve gone through one session with it, and the energetic activities in my field is huge. Considering the intensity of PEMF from the mat is pretty low (200 microTesla), I think the mandalas add much effectiveness to the mat.

The 4 Mandalas are:

  1. Fohat Fire
  2. PEMF
  3. Reiki
  4. Grounding and Earthing

And I just noticed that one of their distributors is just offering a discount to the same mat at $790 (amazon) but without shipping and customs/taxes. :sweat_smile:

Edit: The price only went down for 1 day and now it’s back to the normal price. Whoever bought it while discounted is so lucky!