Living under the influence of DM: SLOW TIME

Has anyone lived with DM: Slow Time enabled? For example, talking to people, playing ball with others, and so on, will the other person’s speech and actions become slower in the eyes of DM users?

I had to test it first to make sure, and it works great!

No, it is not slow-motion. It’s your time perception. Let’s say you work in the shop:

  1. It’s very quiet, with no customers. You did all your duties and still have 6 hours of your shift left. Time goes so slowly. You check your watch, and 1 hour is an eternity.

  2. You have delivery to unpack, shelves to fill and customers every 5 minutes to serve. You know you have only 2 hours left to end your shift, and if you do not finish your tasks, your boss will be pissed. Time speeds up like a maniac. The more you hurry, the faster your shift ends.

This mandala will slow down your time perception when you need it. And it is great when you have so much stuff to do that day. I was extremely busy recently, and my days just pufffffff ended before they started. I chased my own tail. Thanks for asking about this mandala. I can honestly say it helps a lot.

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Thanks for your answering!

If I carry this mandala to sleep, will I feel like I’ve been sleeping for a long time

From my experience, I felt like I slept a bit longer than my actual sleep time, but my physical body didn’t feel so rested. I’d try it more as I did it only once.

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I often use the mandala for sleeping and it works wonderfully. I also add relaxation and regeneration of the nervous system so it can balance more quickly when I don’t have time for enough sleep.

You can set a range. For example: I have 4 hours to sleep, but I want to feel as rested as if I slept for 8. You give this information to the mandala, set the field for the nervous system on YouTube to loop. And you wake up feeling perfectly refreshed.

This works wonders for me. You should experiment and test with your own rhythm to see.


I need to try it. This full moon and all retrogrades are exhausting :rofl: I keep forgetting about the Nervous System. Thank you.

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