Dm: Slow Perception of Time

This mandala is made to slow down the perception of the time. We put trigger words ACTIVATE and STOP so you can have better control over it.


I’m blessed since I can enter fast and slow modes without using any tool lol


@anon21115996 what do you mean?

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Very nice!
This + Persistence Fire mandala = Maximum Productivity
:man_mechanic: :woman_factory_worker: :woman_scientist::man_office_worker: :woman_mechanic: :man_factory_worker: :woman_office_worker: :man_scientist:


@Maitreya you are amazing, thank you so much!!! I just made the request a few days ago and BAM you did it :smiley:

With the trigger words, do we have to say them everyday, or can we leave them for long periods? I want to accomplish a lot before summer so l want to slow down time to the point 1 hour feels like maybe 4 or 5, maybe longer. So can I say ACTIVATE and leave it on for a month or 2, or will it automatically stop after a period of time and l’ll need to activate again?


Let us know how it is :100:


Just flexin his own ablity to do it without using any mandala or audio lol


Is it just personal perception? If so, the time for the others would be passing normally. I activate the command, the time passes slowly to do a job for the university, but the professor sees normal time, and that is why he would delay me for the due date. How does it really work?


It makes you feel like time is going slow, but it’s not actually.

Have you been to a lecture that seems to go on forever? You sit there for what feels like 3 hours and you look at the time and see only 20 minutes has passed? Or maybe you attend a party and are having so much fun, when everyone starts to leave, you think “Already? I feel like l just got here 5 minutes ago” That’s what perception of time means, you feel like time is going very slow [or fast if you get the other mandala] but the clocks aren’t changing speed.

The purpose for this is that you can play your daily audios, and get better and faster results. If you use my example in my post above, if 1 hour feels like 5, then if you listen to an audio for 1 hour, your mind will think you listened to it for 5 hours, and thus faster results. I could be wrong, but that was my idea behind this.


say it once and it will work until you stop


time to others is passing normally, yes


Ma-Ma’s Slo-mo?!

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Only this time…Judge Dredd approves!


Does anyone have results with this field and would like to share? I am considering buying this field but not sure how slower it can affect your perception of time. Does that mean you would work or study faster?

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You will have this effect and can do more stuff.


Sorry I haven’t given a review yet, lockdown was lifted here only 2 wks ago so I was finally able to get to the store and get them printed.

I absolutely love this field!! My days still feel like they are going fast but I’m getting stuff done during the day and still have time left over. Like myaudio stacks, I use to get really frustrated whenever I had to do something or go somewhere and I couldn’t get thru my stacks. Now I get thru them plus have time to do other thing

Today i was busy going to several stores and going around. When i got home and looked at the clock, only 4 hours went by but it felt like double. I still have so much time in my days to do things that by evening, I did everything I planned to do for the day and now I have several hours left in my day to do whatever I want!


Amazing, thanks for sharing


Bought 2 hours ago and it is already working. I think that audio of Dream would be usefull for everyone wants this skill.
I remember the first time I used: confused and too relaxed and I felt a light distorption of reality.
Now I don’t perceive nothing because I got it used it so much.
Happy to be free from that sound even if at 10% of volume.
Hope to have the ability to slow down the time without the DM at the end of the year.
Many advantages:

  • More study
  • More work
  • No stress
  • More sleep (if you put the DM under the bed or into the pillow, remember to calculate the range of 30cm)

If I have to quantify the time earned, I think about 40%.
I’ll be more precise after I’ll print it and put everywhere it could be usefull (like the pillow how I said or under the work desk.

Yesterday I had a test to send at the maximum time of 23.59. And yesterday it was Sunday. We are talking about an high level law test for post law degrees. However, DM: slow time and DM: Study limitless changed the rules. I started at 10.00 AM and i finished at 23.42 PM with only two short pauses to eat. Trust me, I did so many researches, opened many books and consulted others. And of course I had to handwrite on paper with no one error. I used also Sapien’s mandala productivity and I did it. A work that requires about 15 days done in only one with great compliments of my teacher. I was destroyed, mentally and phisically, and for my luck I could use my Pc, soooooooo…Three treasures, Fa jing Gong healing, Sun gazer after Photosynthesis and Prana recharging in loop at 1% of volume!
However, if your mindset isn’t like a warrior’s, you could use everything with no success. It was a battle against me and against time. And i repeat: I won.

I can confirm that my days are longer of 35-40% and I like it. Remember to use the commands when you haven’t your DM and you’re approaching to it.
Unfortunatly I can’t use it when I’m under the shower, so only in that period I return to use Dream’s with 10% of volume.
Deactivate if you’re bathroom is busy by others! :rofl:

Life is better when anyone says to you “Quickly, we have to go, we have poor time”.
They don’t know how wrong they are.
Ahhhhhhhh! :cocktail:


How much is this supposed to slow down time by? It doesn’t say anywhere. Can you command it?

I’m guessing this is the case of the more you use it the more you can feel the effects?

Depends on the individual because time perception is unique to everyone. So there is no way to measure that.
When you work on a project and you have a deadline, you automatically speed up your time. This mandala will slow it down, so you can do more work without pressure.

It works for all fields. The more you use, the more the field is integrated with you. If you don’t see any results, then you might need to clear your subconscious mind from limitations first. This rule can also be implemented for all fields.