DM: Deep Sleep

⁃ place mandala under bed or pillow

⁃ let go of all the worries and stress from the day, clear the mind

⁃ feel relaxed and calm-relax body and mind

⁃ enter theta wave faster

⁃ enter delta wave frequencies for deep sleep

⁃ good dreams (includes the Dream Catcher field)

⁃ optimal REM phase

⁃ wake-up feeling refreshed and rested


Most of dreaming occurs in REM phase, that means can easily remember dreams?

What’s the range of this mandala sir ?

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If not stated is 30cm as default, as far as i know

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Ok i answer myself, optimal REM will refer as time, not too much not too little…

it should be used directly under your bed or pillow if possible, but if you want it to cover the whole room you could use it with the Field Broadcaster


I’ll amp it up enough to make my neighbors sleep so I can sleep. Win win.


Actuality I don’t want this field in the whole room lol, cuz I study all day in her. So if the mandala is only like 1 meter, I will buy it.


You don’t want to have a sleep room? A whole room that you can’t enter without falling immediately to sleep? So you may or may not actually reach the bed before being catatonic. Real mages all have sleep rooms.



Worked. Could feel it pulling me quickly into deep levels of theta and even delta. Need to get the mandala away from you when you are ready to get up. Had good dreams, more or less, it’s a little hard to define what makes a dream “good” sometimes, but they seemed overall “good”. Bonus was simply that I remembered any dreams at all, I remembered them quite well this morning and that hasn’t happened in months.


Excellent results :+1:

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Mandala Manager users could implement an activation rule to address this.

Something like, “only activate while I’m in bed getting ready to go to sleep and actively sleeping. Deactivate immediately upon waking up” would work very well I think.


Hi has anyone else used this? I want to get it for a Chronic insomniac.

@MrNobody does this include the healing chamber?

I don’t think it was included in this, unfortunately


I have used this the past several days and I definitely feel the stress of the day being released from my mind and body when my head hits my pillow, and I have been waking up feeling more refreshed. I am hoping that Maitreya updates this at some point to include the healing chamber though, as I bought the healing chamber a while back but would prefer to have it as a mandala and was really hoping it would be an inclusion of this deep sleep mandala.


I agree with this. Please add the healing chamber into this!


This can pair good with body clock.


I’ve had insomnia for a long time and more or less learned to live with it, but this has worked very well the past 3 nights since I’ve used it. Rarely have problems falling asleep, but I always wake up 3-4 am and then can’t get back to sleep. With this I’m back to sleep after about 5 minutes.
Have to move the DM away when I want to wake up, or it will pull me back into sleep.
Hoping this works long term - it would be a first - seems like it will.


@Maitreya, @Genius, @Vega

There have been several requests to update this mandala to include the Healing Chamber audio field (quoted below). I also would like to see this addition happen - is this doable, or were the Healing Chamber energies intentionally left out or are they incompatible for some reason?