DM: Wake Up Shot

This field has been created to help you wake up and feel fresh and energetic when you wake up tired because you had very little time to sleep.

It is best to use the field at least 30 minutes before leaving your home so there is enough time to work on you.

The field includes the blueprint of the deepest sleep you can have with a feature to determine if it is safe to activate this sub-field so as you don’t feel drowsy while you are already out of your home.

It includes the energetic equivalent of 10 minute run, that will activate your body with all the systems. It also has the energetic effect one gets from splashing cold water on the face, which activates multiple brain regions and releases hormones and neurotransmitters that make you feel refreshed and fully awake.

During sleep, the brain stores the memories it has acquired and also cleanses itself of toxic molecules that are responsible for neurodegeneration. Neuroscience research shows that in the brain there is a ‘plumbing system’ called the glymphatic system which opens during sleep allowing rapid fluid flow through the brain. This system also controls the flow of cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord. As this process takes time when we have underslept our brain has not had the time to detox and store its information properly, which can make you confused and drowsy. This field speeds up to the maximum safe level for the person who uses the field.

Important: This field must not be used regularly or to deliberately decrease your sleep time. This is harmful and dangerous. It is meant for emergency use only, when you had no chance to sleep properly, but need to be fully awake. You can use the field also later in the day, if you did not sleep well the previous night and start feeling tired but still need to work and function at your best.

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I think making reasonable use of this mandala can have the same effect as DM:The Alarm by giving instructions to the mandala manager to start DM:Wake Up Shot at a specified time, it can awaken people from sleep and maintain high and energetic energy. Am i right?

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Almost identical effects, different programming methods. If you have one, you don’t need the other.


what does it mean?

If I keep wearing this mandala at work, can I stay awake all the time? Can I fall asleep normally after taking off the mandala?

Blueprint = perfect example.
The best quality sleep that is available for a human being. Mandala has a 30 cm range, so you can always put it on the side. It’s better not to overuse this. I would say don’t drink coffee at 6 pm when you want to fall asleep easily at 10 pm :slightly_smiling_face: It’s all about creating healthy sleeping patterns and using it in unpredictable events or tight deadlines.


Oh I see. This is equivalent to coffee, but it has the function of improving the quality of sleep only during sleep after taking it.
Thank you!

I cannot carry this mandala with me when I sleep at night, otherwise I will not be able to sleep and feel mentally alert. Is my understanding correct—— Sorry, I’m just trying to improve my understanding. I hope it’s not bothering you

We are here to help. You are not bothering at all. It’s good to have questions :slightly_smiling_face: Your questions can help other forum users as well.
If you are using Mandala Manager, you can give it the command to activate this mandala when needed.
To clarify: use it in the morning when you haven’t had enough sleep. It will give you clarity and energetical equivalent of the best sleep possible. You feel fresh and rested when you’ve had a nice sleep. If you need an extra boost on that day, then you can use it again. But it is not designed to help you to sleep better. It’s “I had not enough sleep tonight and I don’t want to feel like a zombie”. :wink:

For better sleep, we have this:


I see, now I completely understand. Thank you for your answer. :grinning: