Dm: Speed Perception of Time

This mandala is made to increase the perception of the time. We put trigger words ACTIVATE and STOP so you can have better control over it.


I see the value in the Slow Perception of Time one, but can anyone please tell me why would someone would want to accelerate the time? Or in which situations?

Don’t we only wish to accelerate time when we experience something unpleasant?

What would be examples of applications for this one?

When you go with girlfriend shopping

When you meet her parents

When she talkes about her emotions


@Limitless you have convinced me!


While at work you can activate and get through the day faster.


I read a while ago in Sapien’s forum that speeding up our perception of time is also useful when we want to preserve energy. Like when we feel tired from long commute time to work, we can use this. When we travel by airplane for 8 hours or more, we can use this.


Yeah this one is a gem for certain. One could easily warp through the week and get to the weekend for fun in the sun!

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Another easy button from team Maitreya. Don’t let this one pass you by folks. Controlling time is like fire to the Caveman.


accelerating time means higher vibration, faster manifesting, faster healing or whatever you do - faster results

you can using it for more basic stuff too, like meeting with boss haha


But this also means getting less done :thinking:. One should not be in a workplace that you don’t like in the first place :wink:
Keep in mind that this here is about time perception, so if you it runs faster for you, for the outer world it appears as if you are doing stuff slower.

In this case it is not the right partner for you in the first place :laughing:
One should be with someone where you want to slow down time and enjoy together rather than speed it up :wink:

Thanks, this is a great idea.

Wow, I was not aware of this connection between time perception and vibration/manifestation, but it makes totally sense because for manifestation we have to focus on something and the longer we do this while time passes, the more effective.
Perception of faster Healing and less endurance of pain is also a great application. Thanks for that!


yeah, all manifestations and healings and everything we make in our mind to outher world should be instant, but because here time and space are accepted in people’s mind - they tend to think that needs more time for results… and this is what they manifest, more time to get this and that

time is illusion and after using some time those mandalas you will start to see it in your own experience. Here the field with 5th dimension can be from great help as there is timelessness.

Play with it.


How is that? I figured it was the opposite, slowing down time would help with those. If time is going fast, you’ll feel like you don’t have enough time to accomplish your goal. Whereas with slowed time, you realize you have so much time that you can put more work and effort into your desires

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With these fields you are not altering the speed of time itself, but your personal perception of how quickly the time passes for you.

Manifestation in the physical world requires energy and consciosness focus.
When you perceive time as going fast, you perceive that your require less time to focus on something to manifest. It is still the same focus input that you are doing but your perception of it is that you needed less focus than normal.


But you seem to know everything else lol. Remember… Full of it

Anyone had experienced this md?

I use both the speed and slow. Interesting thing I noticed the first or second day using the slow was in the road it seemed like everyone was driving incredibly slow lol the speeds have Increased to a standard of about 80mph here in San Diego and when I checked we we all driving a out 65 or so.

I have noticed with the speed that I seem to have the upper hand in most environment due to my accelerated perception. I do not use the speed very often but I did notice slight difference in my surroundings.

The slow is really something though. I have it activated pretty much always. Since we live in a very rushed reality these days it is almost annoying how slow time goes when you perceive things to be slower. 10 minutes is a very long time these days!

I do active manifesting and my focus has become razor sharp. I’ll be in a focus moment that felt like forever but when I open my eyes it’s only like 5 or 6 minutes. Slowing down time is key for what I do and what I am working towards but in general it is pretty cool as the days seem to be longer and it feels like I have more of this illusory thing we call time.

Going to do some experiments with activating both together lol I’ll let you all know if I go BSC!


Thanks!! So for manifesting you recommend speed up time?

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Both should be effective. I think Maitreya touched in this but when you alter your perception of time and you have the ability to control that you raise your vibration out of the 3D. You vibrate at a more expansive rate which in turn assists with manifesting. Outside the third density things are instant. So yes you could use speed effectively for manifestation.


Honestly now I’m going to work with the speed for a week and confirm what I just said.


Both seems really interesting, i guess soon i will buy one…still deciding

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