Listening to many fields that are complimentary of each other?

Namaste beautiful souls,

As far as I have understood, we are advised to not using an excessive amount of fields, as this may confuse the subconscious mind, and because of this splayed focus the results will be slow.

But what about listening to many fields that compliment each other? I would like to hear your thoughts and experience, and especially of @Maitreya if you would be so kind. Let me give you an example of what I am doing, and what I want to accomplish with it. Right now my priorities in physical transformation are:

  1. Gaining healthy weight
  2. Building a strong, robust and healthy body (especially my feet are weak).
  3. Acquiring handsome facial features.

During the night I listen to The Healing Chamber on loop.

When I wake up I rehydrate on herbal teas with electrolytes as I listen to Quadible Integrity’s Hydration Amplifying Booster.

During my prolonged morning meditation I listen to a few different audios that I consider are complimentary to what I am trying to accomplish. This could be various audios for health and longevity fx. for strengthening the digestive organs, healing nerves, cells and telomeres or building Jing and Ojas.

On other days I feel more inspired to listen to something physically transformational during my meditation such as Greek God Beauty, the Warrior Skull or Golden Face and Body Ratio.

Before my first meal I will listen to Maitreya’s Weight Gainer Fat + Muscles and workout for 20 minutes while listening to either The Bulk Agent of The Golden Era, or some of the automated workouts of Sapien Medicine.

When I am eating, if I am alone I usually listen to Greek God Beauty (I would like to use the Hercules one, but the music is too rough for me, and I cannot enjoy my food to it.) I am also considering experimenting with Vegan Protein during meals. And after my meal I listen to one of the nutritional absorbers of Quadible Integrity or Sapien Medicine.

During the day, when I am studying, doing chores or taking a walk I might listen to something to enhance my mood and boost my emotions.

Before going to bed in the evening I wind down while listening to the hydration booster of Quadible Integrity and either the Warrior Skull or Greek God Beauty.

What do you think, am I using too many fields? I feel that I am getting good results and what I am listening to is not conflicting, but pushing me in the same direction.

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Sounds like a lot of work…

Hard work indeed. But it’s paying off. I am gaining weight rapidly in a good way.

I am working with a deadline to recover my physique after breaking a prolonged fast, so that’s my priority, and then I am working on some aesthetics in the meantime. And I was thinking that this secondary priority is complimentary to what I am trying to accomplish, and it seems to work.

More confidence leads to a healthy emotion state, leading to accelerated healing and healthy biochemistry, which leading to healthy organs, enabling the body so draw maximum potential from nutrients, leading to healthy weight gain and so the spiral continues.

Can’t wait though, to be back on my goal weight so I can shift my priorities to something more refined than the gross ingredients of this physical shell.

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