Best Fields for Looping While Studying and Longterm Multitasking

Hi everyone,

I am new on the Forum. But have been using frequencies, fields and binaurals with good results for quite some time. Primarily those of Sapien Med and Quadible Integrity.

The music in Maitreya’s fields outshines the other popular creators in my opinion, and I hope her fields will give as good results as I receive from Sapien and Quadible Integrity. I started experimenting with her fields recently, and just signed up on Patreon. This is a side note, but what is your experience in this regard? Perhaps someone could refer me to the proper thread as I suppose this is something that has been discussed before.

Now my question:

I’m working on moving my emotional baseline, and getting my mind accustomed to maintain conscious awareness of the present moment and enrich my life, health and boost my genetic potential by experiencing elevated emotions throughout the day.

I know there are fields that are not recommended for looping for prolonged sessions. I would like to hear your recommendations on what are good fields to have playing as background noise for activities such as:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Relaxing and Lounging
  • Meditating
  • Walking in Nature

Again my aim is to keep awareness of the generous present moment, in a high vibrational state of elevated emotions such as (love, gratitude, enthusiasm etc.) and an optimal biochemical balance.

As we are using royalty-free music to create videos for youtube,
the music is not very calming and good for studying.

You can use digital mandalas for that if you wish to help with some tool for learning easier and better the information you are integrating.


Thanks for taking your valuable time to answer.
I find some of the healing ones quite relaxing and conducive to studies for example:

Automated Reiki
Grounding and Earthing
The Eternal Cleaner
Warrior Skull (no music just frequency)
Greek God Masculine Body
Christ Consciousness
The Healing Chamber
Balance Nervous System
The Hormone Healer
Super Intelligence
Vitamin D3
Christmas Atmosphere

So again, can I play any of these on loop for prolonged time, or will it have a negative effect?