When to use which Greek God field for best results?

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of growing my physical frame. And things I going well and I am gaining weight at a good pace, so I must be doing something right. Maitreya has alot of awesome fields for this with great descriptions, but I am a little confused about what would be the ideal timings to use each of these fields.

I am talking about fields like:

Greek God Beauty
Greek God Masculine Body
Greek God Testosterone
Hercules - Muscular Development
Sensitivity of the Gods Androgen Receptors
Weight Gainer (There’s a description to listen in the morning and it works for 12 hours)

What would ideal to listen to fx.

  • Before workout
  • During workout
  • For recovery
  • Before a meal / During / After a meal
  • Before sleep
  • For intense meditation sessions

Looking forward to hear your opinion and experience, and if @Maitreya herself would take the time to reply that would be great.



Before workout

Androgen before Hercules. Before workout

morning and evening

Anytime is fine


Thanks. What about for recovery and before sleep. That is when growth occurs, so perhaps we could enhance the efficacy with a field.

Also, are these fields working through momentary effects or are they operating on a deep er genetics level?

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Healing chamber for recovery when sleep

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Thanks. Much appreciate it. <3