Layering multiple audios

Does layering multiple audios together, by which I mean opening multiple tabs in chrome, each playing an audio from a different creator, but aiming the same purpose, for example, for height growth playing maitreya’s grow taller, quadibles and sapiens together, be effective or not?

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1 audio at a time is much stronger than several played at the same time, this is what my experience of several years says, I know it saves time listening to several at the same time, but in the end you will not save time, because no will have results, or will be much slower, if you want to hear a lot of audios I recommend the field storage center, with it you can store several audios without suffering from the problem of energies colliding.


Even if all said audios are for the SAME purpose, in my case height growth? won’t they be synergetic instead of colluding?

Sapien says don’t layer his audios. Not sure about other creators.