Christ Consciousness - Activate DNA

This field is charged to help you to enter the depths of your being, to remember who you are. Your clairvoyant and telepathic abilities, which are your original right, will be activated in time. That multidimensional quantum part of DNA that is still dormant will be activated. That part which contains all the strength and power of your being. This meditation will help you heal your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Fears, mental problems, extra pounds - all this will melt and disappear. You will achieve inner peace, harmony, satisfaction, peace, health and resilience.

Through this audio you will achieve the opening of the third eye, activation of the pineal gland, thymus, thyroid gland and the multidimensional part of DNA.

The most important thing is to awaken the universal love in your heart, surpassing all other goals. You will rise above the level of daily consciousness, in those higher realms where light, love and joy reign.


Will this help surpass the ego and see our true self i.e. the “I” or “I AM” state?


So does this also cure all kinds of diseases?


So you will see Demons، bad spririt with this or it has protection ?

Do we have to listen just once , once every few days or everyday?

Once a day is heavy as the audio is so long …
Or do we not have to listen to the full thing everyday ?

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This is the main idea. All other effects are results of that.

It’s not made for that, but when you reach higher state of consciousness and your dna get little boost, it’s very possible to get healing.

We already made mandala and audio for protection.

If you can reach you higher consciousness with this audio, get the maximum from it… Many audios from your playlist will drop fast. I highly suggest this audio to be used in meditation, when you are relaxed, not when you are multitasking.


I requested this
Thanks @Maitreya :heart_eyes:


@Maitreya , do you think that it is also possible to have good results with listening in loop all night ?!


yes, i put it on loop and sleep with it
get up recharged always
before sleeping is very possible more sensitive people to have visions related to the things in description or some things in their life


But you don’t need to use this, you already have a higher consciousness with telepathic abilities and subtle vision abilities …


there is no end in spiritual path and you can expand infinitely :slight_smile:
plus i need to test and see what is happening in my body before lauching it for many people


This is great. Will this be uploaded on Patreon too?

Yup, uploading it
Its large file and takes time



Perfect. Thank you. I am doing LBRP constantly, invoking elemental ‘angels’. I want to see how things will change from sensing the energies to psychically ‘seeing’. That is if I understood the whole list of possible benefits.


impatient :wink: :joy:


Cuz deadline crossed :joy:

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Activate DNA … IS IT THE 12 STRANDS OF DNA ?!Or what is activated in DNA, what activation is it if that is not a strange question.?!

The description also speaks of Christ consciousness, is it the activation of DNA that provides this consciousness or is it independent of the activation of DNA ?!

You posted several spiritual fields, you really want to help humanity evolved into higher versions of themselves :+1:


So mai from what i understanding, is this the true power of human race ? Be able to move between dimensions

Thank you Maitreya Fields! I truly appreciate this great track, because during meditation, i prefer to have as limited fields being played as possible. Now i can loop this field and higher self these tracks, and that would be my perfect combo for my meditation session!

Thank you very very very much for doing this!!

Gracias (Spanish, i think your team speaks spanish?)

謝謝 (Chinese)