How We Work: Energy Bubble

It is useful to understand that we are very sensitive to our body’s ‘energy bubble’ or ‘aura field.’
We each have an electromagnetic bubble around us and our inner worlds can communicate with the outer world, because of that.

Did you ever feel like something good/bad will happen to you in the next hours? Some people call this intuition, but our energy bodies have an impact on that also. The nervous system is the bridge between the physical and energetic bodies and you can read by that what is happening around you even if you close down for some time all your senses.

When we create the fields we create energy bubble that can store and hold the energy we need for fixing certain topics. When this bubble is imbued in the audios and someone starts to listen to them, both start to correspond with each other - Field with Person’s Aura.

Or in other words, subconsciousness and energetical bodies download this outer information and integrate it in a person’s system so “the listener” upgrades his version and gets new “software” in his own field.




Maitreya… I wasn’t’ exactly shure where to place this posting . I got here, landed here and decided to do so here. I Just got a sweet deal on the 20% off, on products and even 4 free, mandala’s…all of them very very powerful. I truly underestimated the power of these Mandala’s and the One Audio I Purchased. I thought based on the Digital Mandala’s that I’ve purchased from “another good company’ that your DM fields would be some what weaker,based on some of the visual’s I’d seen in the store. Boy did I miss the mark on that one!!
In short between a wee bit and I mean like two minutes of the Manifest Fast audio and the Field Primer,the next day for 10 minutes…the energy seriously kicked my ass. THEY ARE INDEED STRONG!!
I AM very sensitive to energies,always have been and yet… I take it all in doses, usually small doses.
Lets just say,when Maitreya says WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS, when you use something like Manifest Fast _luck and abundance auido… when He/SHe says it,believe me,They Mean it !! watch your thoughts and please stay " On track” with what it is you’re really going for and what it is you REALLY really want !! This is NO Joke. I Just started late last night for a little bit, I’ve barely begun.
I had a very industrial strength experience today that really went ‘temporarily Bad’ & off the rails, and then a bit later ,it all came together and what looked aweful , Had more than a bright spot to it… I am working on removing guilt,trauma,Love and forgiveness,amoung other things, as well making darn shure Earthing and grounding is in the spot light,while doing so !! Its helping tremendously, Understatement. sooo gratefully you made this title Grounding & Earthing.
Over time I will post more as I can ,about the Mandala’s and the energy audio.
remove codependancy/ Gaslighting/ weight loss/Violet Flame…are all future titles I plan to get, but one step at a time. Blue Eyes and Pale skin, I started out this way in this life and I WILL have it again. audio. thank you again. IAM TRULY surprised at how powerful these Digital Fields are !!
Blessings and Light without da BS. authentically. K.


I want the Violent Flame

Making fun but not of you. That would be a cool field. Probably get me into trouble though. A flame that scares off violence? IDK maybe.


I corrected it. if you’d had the kind of day I’d had you might’ve misspelled something too!
Yeah right I see what you mean a flame that scares off violence. High peace can do that. these fields are amazing!! Peace to you,Atreides.


If you had the day I had you might be eager to make a joke at any chance. : - ) Where’s the High Peace? Not on Gumroad. Not on Etsy? I wonder what this is.

you didnt have your life threatened 4 times,cops involved ect. today I did. LETS drop the subject we dont know each other from a can of paint and this is coming off more than a joke. like immature as shit and I AM NOT in the mood to be played with. I didnt bring any of this up you did. you came to me not the other way around!!

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I’m sorry you had that kind of day.


thank you kindly. I Learned a lot. in the long run it will be much better, some that was looking really bad now is turning into something good. When Im not upset like this,I really do have a good sense of humour Atreidas. thanks again, respect and good day to you,sincerely. K.

Glad to hear this helped you! :slight_smile:
And yes, if you don’t watch your thoughts and you use manifestation audios/mandalas, you can get into a lot of trouble. :smiley: We put many protections on those types of fields, but…
Free will is free will. :grimacing: