How to detach from a strong feeling of loneliness

Lately, I had progress in my meditation with less pain as I can start to relax my mind and my heart.
However, last 7 days I suffered from a huge feeling of loneliness. It’s like…your chest constantly had a very unpleasant pressure suppressing you, no pain but your mood is depressed and disappointed. I feel like I am being sucked or swallowedin a hole.

I don’t have this intensive feeling since I broke up with my gf like 10 years ago.

I am used to be alone in last 5 years when I started to practise buddhism and zen, so this feeling is somehow coming out of the blue…and I don’t know how to deal with it.

What tracks or what method would any of you do to let this emotion energy to fade away? I tried to ignore it to let it go, but it remained stubbornly.

Thank you everyone.


use the field of connection with the higher self and you will never have that feeling again, I don’t know if maitreya has a field to connect with the higher self, but sapien has one for that, use it and you will see how those feelings of loneliness disappear, normally that loneliness that you feel and that we all feel at some time is because we disconnect from our true self, use the field that I tell you and you will see how that you feel will disappear, I would also recommend that you use some field of elimination of entities, in case that feeling was generated by a negative entity that you could have in your energy field, good luck.


Thank you Trust.

Yes, Maitreya Field has track for higher self, and i used that a lot in last year. I will return to it again. By the way, which track of Sapien Medicine is for higher self connection?
Any recommendation tracks for removing entities? Thank you.

maitreya I think has a specific field to delete entities, sapien also has an old one on youtube, any of those fields should be more than enough.

this is the field of connection with sapien’s higher self.

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I think is more about understanding, i mean, u can feel lonely but u can understand that feeling is just temporary, and it will be. Someone can be around many people and still feel lonely, its a perception. But u can change the perception that u are connected to everything so u are never alone actually.

Maybe dont take it to serious, focus in what u enjoy, if wanna talk many great people here will share with u their care, you are cared too! People loves you!!

…that make me think…have you tried send unconditional love to who you want? I think that helps to feel connected with others, helping others in some way, and feels good.

Anyway you can get over it, just focus in what u want not the opposite


You guys suggesting fields to the OP is like chicks dealing drugs at clubs. Did you even read his background? He’s not on that path and you’re strengthening his resistance and diverging him to another path.

Ignore the suggestions for you to take action and be even more still if you are sincere with your past 5 years of zen.

Since you’re familiar with buddhism and zen, I’ll assume you’re familiar with tao te ching. Hence, allow me to remind you;

  • He who is advancing in Tao may appear to withdraw.
  • To be hollow is to be filled.

Don’t fear it, bro. Just jump, it’ll catch you.

You’ll soon make a strong connection to something/someone. :wink:


No need to use maitreyas or sapiens higher self connection if you have awakengod pt1.

and vibration of divine love


This can be simply spiritual obsession, when I started to treat it recently I improved my mood a lot, I didn’t smile at any time all day, the causes of problems related to feelings can be many.

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Most people who enter in buddhism block big parts of their emotions and it’s even shame to feel suffering, anger, rage (in other spiritual practices too). And when this emotions are suppressed, people get depression.

Depression is a sign that something have to change and loneliness in most cases is when you detach from your true self. Try to unblock your emotions, even the “bad ones” as New Age would say. :smiley:


Thank you everyone for replying to the post. I have a rough time, but i am lucky to have nice sunshine in Toronto. I literally get myself sitting outside under the sun during work or exercise. It really does help to lift my mood. Also, all these tracks in this forum help, and i especially like the connection with higher self

Sometimes i thought i was not thinking, but surprisingly, there are many unawared random thoughts that keep the negative energy continuing. It’s one drop of water into a pond. Then, some of water in the pond also jumped up, and dropped back to the pond…so the ripple keeps on going and going, until last few days, the energy finally dried up.

I have a strong attachment…and judgemental. It is based on life experience, and these stuff made my ego very huge, covering the entrance of the cave completely. I am using Ego detachment, but it only helps to a certain point.

Nevertheless, thanks everyone!


looking at your comment, what you need are these two specific fields, the connection with the higher self that I told you about, and also add the dissolution of the sapien ego, I would recommend that you make an effort and listen to these 2 fields that I told you about, use them for a few days and you will see how these thoughts and feelings disappear.

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if you are already using the ego dissolution, use that field twice in the morning, and twice before going to sleep, listening to it this way, with the passing of the days the ego will diminish and you will not give time for the field to lose its effect, and consequently, the ego will diminish little by little, do it this way and you will see how you will notice the changes.

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Hello Trust, I stopped using Sapien ego for 2 months. Now, i am returning back to it.
It does help, thank you so much.
My ego is huge…i saw it much bigger and taller than i am…wearing full armour…his helmet has 2 horns. The ego expands very quickly because my awareness/mindfulness is low.
I still have a long path to go before i can crack something to the next stage of cultivation.

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