Overcoming Loneliness and Isolation to Build Meaningful Connections

Loneliness and isolation are some of the most insidious emotions that a person can harbor within themselves. Like a consuming black hole, they can drain a person’s life energy and desire to live. Many people experience moments of feeling lonely at certain stages of their lives, while others feel a sense of emptiness and loneliness within themselves for their entire lives, and nothing seems to help them escape that feeling. The latter type of people have become energetically detached from all other people and sometimes even from themselves.

It is important to distinguish between a person being alone and feeling lonely. When a person is alone, they can feel happy and cheerful despite the absence of other people, whereas lonely people may be surrounded by many people but still feel disconnected and constantly detached from the world. Loneliness can often be caused by struggling to communicate freely with others.

This is usually due to a past trauma that makes the person constantly fearful and makes them believe that they won’t be accepted by others. Over time, the person becomes more and more cautious about what they say, thinks excessively of the impression he made, and may even interpret certain words and reactions from others as attacks on themselves or feel guilty without any real reason.

Often, people who suffer from loneliness underestimate their condition, but our DNA has been programmed over millions of years to give us a strong urge to belong to a group. This is because, in the past, being rejected by one’s tribe meant a certain death and was the biggest fear for humans. Nowadays, while this is not the case anymore, and a person can survive alone without a tribe, the neural connections that have hardwired this pattern create real emotional, mental, and even physical pain.

This field is designed to bring you out of the state of loneliness and heal and release the reasons that created it in your current life. It works to transform the emotions that have caused you to isolate yourself from others and the world.

  • It clears traumatic memories and gives you a higher perspective on your emotions and beliefs, which will help you “step back” from yourself and be able to look at yourself as a neutral observer.

  • It removes the fear of communication with others.

  • It removes the feeling that someone is attacking you and gives you a proper view and assessment of reality that is not distorted by your previous traumas.

  • It removes all illusions that you have created for yourself, such as believing that something is wrong with you, you may do something wrong, you will be judged, treated rudely, or rejected.

  • It gives you the courage and bravery to open your heart again to others and the world, giving you an inner feeling of safety and security.

  • It gives you a higher perspective on the world, which will help you see and feel the interconnection of all things.

  • It gives you a state of your NEW SELF, which can freely communicate and connect with yourself, others, and the world with ease.


Thanks Mai, this is just what I needed, thank you seriously. :heart::pray:


Thank you for making this :slight_smile:


On MY List for new week, getting some ‘heavy hitters’ and this will fit very well for what all is needed and to be worked with and cleared. Thank you kindly. MY situation: is a little different
I care give to look out for the one remaing parent.
I’ve grown tremdously over the last 4 1/2 decades, family has not,by choice ,out of fear!
I outgrew most of the family members, long ago, result = no longer ‘ground for being’ in the relations, 'its shrunk"- capatibiltiy levels very very low. I say “im on FM and they’re on AM” ,nither is wrong, however Im NOT going to pretend Im perpetually in the 8th grade,when In fact Im in Grad. School emotionally and otherwise, been at this growth of the soul since age 12,I AM now near 65. I’ve tried 6 ways to Sunday to reach them. choice to change and grow or nor ,is just that. I Choose HIgh growth.
Loneliness and Isolation in my case comes from the abouve ,additionally
the abusive Narcissitic Behavior I’ve experienced from some of my relative’s, I do not choose to spend time with thier BS and havent in Years. SO yes this DM will
help until its time for me to fly and go forward back to MY FULL LIfe,in the mean
this DM will be most most Helpful.

This seems awesome! I’ve always had many of the problems you mentioned.

Is there any way this could be upload to patreon too? @Vega @Genius

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This week.

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Works really well. I didn’t think I’d have loneliness within me. I feel more wholesome and peaceful. This explains why I felt an inner urge of wanting attention with recognition. Thank you Maitreya! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, this is one of the signs that a person hold loneliness and emptiness inside himself. I am really happy that you free yourself from this dependency. :slight_smile:

:pray: :raised_hands:


That makes sense. It really helps a lot learning how emotions are when it’s gone. The knowingness of loneliness. Thank you Maitreya for the amazing audio and mandala!