Frequently Asked Questions

What is this audio/field?

We create energetically programmed audios that work with your subconscious mind, genes, dna.

Fields are made from neutral energy from the Creator / Universe / God with programmed intention how the energy to act when the listener plays the audio. In more simple language, your body and subconsciousness are like computers and our audios are like new software that is installed.

How many fields can I listen to?

Recommended is 5-6, but more is easily possible if you use boosters to expand your aura or are used to audios.

Can I download the fields from YouTube?

It’s likely the fields will lose their efficacy doing this, so it’s better to use Patreon or Gumroad downloads.

Can I play more than one field simultaneously?

Yes, just not the soul related or basic clearing ones.

Can I speed up the audios?

Yes, some listeners have noticed this to work for them.

How should I listen?

Via speakers would be preferred, because it affects your entire surrounding aura and subconscious. Headphones are fine if you don’t have the option though.

Do I need to speak English for this to work?

No, these are not subliminals and affirmations are not used. They will work regardless of the language you speak.

How many times do I have to listen?

Recommended is 2-3 for most of the fields.

When can I expect results?

Everyone is different, but it’s typical to see results within a week. Greater energy sensitivity helps.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, they are available on Gumroad.

The audios on Gumroad are of a different length, are they the same?

The Gumroad audios are shorter, in general, they are also 3x more effective.

Why do I feel this sensation?

It is normal with the audio, often a sign of things working for you.

If your audio has a benefit that I don’t want, can I still listen?

Yes, your subconscious will block undesired results.

For languages/learning can I improve without practising?

It’s best to still practise, as the conscious practice will reinforce your subconscious.

Is it possible to over-listen?

Potentially with the audios for androstenol or androstenone etc. Watch always how you are feeling and don’t get exhausted. This can only slow down your results.

How long to listen for permanent results?

1-2 months in general, but you might notice permanent results before that.


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