How can you increase your trust in your Higher Self?

Any advice ? I know using the Optimizer is the best solution when you have multiple DM/Audio but I can’t be consistant with « Him ».

What are your concerns regarding ‘Him’?

I have two files in my USB key, one with the optimizer and the other without. The reason is that I want to have the effects of certain DMs at full potential without letting my Higher Self have the power to change their intensity or even turn them off. And even doing that I change every day and I alternate certain DMs from one file to another… Result, I have the impression of not advancing in the potential very good results that the fields could give me if only I stopped touching this damn USB key, but I can’t manage it…I think I have trouble managing this fear of not having what I want exactly (or what my Ego wants?) and just let my Higher Self quietly adjust my fields for me, and just let go.
Can somebody help me to find a solution ? :confused:

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You can write “-Always On” to your chosen mandala’s name. So that it is always active at its full potential.
Then the others mandala let it be as their original name so that the field optimizer can control it.

Field Emitter
Field Optimizer
Divine Invocation -Always On
Mind Control
Chameleon Protection
Love and Forgiveness -Always On
Infinitely Repeater
Six Perfections -Always On

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Honestly I’ve tried this method and I don’t think It’s working…Can @Maitreya confirm this ?

But it works for me.
Perhaps you have same file or folder like mandala’s name (can be same words or part of words).