Advice for being an empath


I was wondering if anybody had any advice against being overly empathic. It’s not easy when one just absorbs other people’s problems, moods, thoughts, negative energy.

It seems that I have a mentality to fix others. Somehow I may be unconsciously taking on / carrying negative traits of other because I somehow want to help them, even if I consciously decide to not care because it will be easier for me. Today my class got their exam results and oh boy did I get bombarded with all sorts of heavy energy/feelings. Resulted in me having to go home as I got so unfocused, uncentered and unable to study.

I’m constantly carrying the fields(mandalas) on a usb along with the field emitter:
*Empath protection
*Chakra fury
*Adaptive shield
*Energy Optimizer
*Field optimizer

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

TL;DR: I take on energies of other people/places against my own will. I don’t want to be an empath.

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Turns out I am energetically overloaded as i had dozens of fields on the usb drive in addition to those mentioned here. Plus wearing couple of tags. And on top of that 3-4 audios several times daily. Taking some break in addition to grounding. Thanks anyway :grin:


Use from YT:

  1. Grounding video
  2. Repair aura

Thank you!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Woahh, took your advice, instantly centered and grounded. Even when I’m with alot of people!
That field is golden. I’ve bought the field long time ago but kind of forgot about it. Not anymore though!
Edit: I ment that I’ve bought the chakra fury mandala. Think it’s included in that one. But the audio on yt is super effective for sure!
Edit2: Going to buy the Audio asap upon receiving paycheck!


Guys, use the fields you have purchased lol
Glad you are feeling better

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