From victim to victor

Interesting point of view.

But external wars are a reflection of internal wars within a person.
When you eliminate the internal war within yourself, you’ll see fewer wars in your external reality.

A person won’t defeat external evil until they conquer internal evil.

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In most cases, it’s like that, but not always. If a person is a strong opposition to evil, they can be attacked without any fault or misalignment within themselves.

When I was creating the field for BARDO, for about 2 weeks I experienced constant attacks that tried to prevent me from doing it.


Challenging conversations are good and I think many people will benefit from reading them, because they might get triggered, too. Follow your triggers.

I was born in Poland and Polish people are so deeply affected by the victim mentality that I haven’t met anywhere in Europe. I didn’t know that until I moved to the UK, where you can really interact with people from all over the world. I could talk for hours about my observations about other nations and how this makes their life worse or easier because they can’t see patterns and just follow their inherited programs. That’s why I think this field can help to overcome your own genetics patterns, clear what is wrong and allow you to just to have a fresh start no matter where you were born and how many wars, famine or terror was passed to you.

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Taken from the description:

The golden and main thing in this field it’s not the protection, but the change in your subconsciousness and energetical system - to remove the victim mentality from you so over time you won’t need this program and will always be protected.


I think maybe in some cases the ‘being a victim’ mentality could be good for a very short term after having suffered a trauma or faced some bad situation
It could help you to cope with the pain.
But for the medium/long term is very bad, it makes weak, and lose your power and you keep attached to the situation.

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Yes, that’s seems to be field for that here.
But likely the take back your power could help with this.

We can’t control everything, there are a lot of external situations which affect us and they are out of our scope
However we can modify the fact how those situations have impact on us and in some cases use them in our favor.

From Pain to Power, Soul Fragment Retrieval, Recapitulation,Art of Letting go along with the free empowerment and faith mandalas worked well for me.


Any field that works on the heart/heart chakra.
It’s always about the heart.


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Heart De-Armoring
Heart Chakra Healing/Balancing

and all kinds of love fields (whether you think you need them or not), for example:

Parents Love
Unconditional Love
Giving And Receiving Love
Trust Issues Healing

Experiencing different kinds of love breaks up a closed heart.
With an open and strong heart it’s not possible to feel like a victim.
It is simple really. The difficulty, as it seems to me, lies in humans fear of love. Beacause we can’t control it. Sometimes love will cause heartbreak but when healed, there is an even bigger and wider capacity for love. And the feeling of being a victim fades away.

This is one of the things in life that cannot really be explaind fully to everyone.
It has to be experienced.

Just my 2 cents on this topic at this time in life. :slight_smile:


I’d like to add that sometimes we feel anxious and like a victim because of our unprocessed shadow side. We have this thinking going on 24/7 that “There must be somebody who hurt others and it possibly couldn’t be me” so with this unprocessed shadow we project to the outside world the threat, like we feel we are the victim where in reality we have been the perpetrator. I’m actually going through this. I got a stone called “midnight lemurian jade” that brings stuff from the shadow to our conscious mind to be processed and it is very effective doing so, speaking from experience, highly recommend this stone.

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Opening the heart is always good, probably the base to the our highest well being, but I don’t think it’s just that.
Being a victim is a mindset too, and a lack of resources (or lack of the resilience) to face problems/traumas of life.
In my opinion there are persons who have no the brighest heart but they have a non-victim mentality.

Don’t forget these master gems:

*Overcoming Loneliness and Isolation to Build Meaningful Connections

*Heart De-Armoring

*Remove Negative Energy

*Release and Heal Gaslighting