#5 Game of Creative Ideas

Hello everyone :wave:

Today we are very excited to announce the 5th part of The Game of Creative Ideas where everyone can participate and get a chance to win digital fields of their choice. :tada:

  • 1st winner will get fields worth $500 , of their choice.
  • 2nd winner will get fields worth $250 , of their choice.
  • 3rd winner will get fields worth $100 , of their choice.

The winners can choose any digital field from the store, audios, or digital mandala as a reward.

This game will be open for 30 days. The winners this time will be chosen by the likes/hearts of other users in the forum! The ideas with the most :blue_heart: will be the winners of the game.

We hope you all will enjoy and will participate in this The Game of Creative Ideas #5 :sparkles: :smiley:

Thank you!


Neutralizing Intention
Or some other name.

This is not meant as a shield but as a support that could synergize with any shield or even lessen the need for one.

Anytime anyone treats you in a way that you do not want to be treated, and that common sense would tell you is not a way they themselves would want to be treated either, this helps you in real-time to see the underlying pain or low self worth that is motivating them to behave this way.

Thereby it helps you to not feel hurt by their behavior and also to not be angered by it.


Idea-Boost any effects from acupuncture treatment. This balances the yin Yang and aid in faster chi travel


Awaken Your Healing Powers

A field that makes you a powerful healer and increases/enhances your natural healing abilities. The more you listen the stronger you become.
This also makes you a medical intuitive and maybe perform psychic surgery?

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Gambling luck.

This field will help with gambling in 3 ways :

First, the field will remove all ego assumptions, lies and “guessing” from your self and external influence, so you can start “sensing” the true outcome easier.

Second, the field will supercharge and keep evolving your intuition, conceptual thinking ability and help with general mindfulness.

Third, and most powerfully, the field will actively work with your conscious, subconscious and higher self aswel as the gambling game to “hint” the correct outcomes, sort of like remote viewing it astrally.


Some ideas:
The Game of Creative Ideas

Idea Number 1:
**Θάλαττα! θάλαττα! **
or The Endless Sea
“Thálatta! Thálatta! (Greek: Θάλαττα! θάλαττα! — “The Sea! The Sea!”) was the shouting of joy when the roaming Ten Thousand Greeks saw Euxeinos Pontos (the Black Sea) from Mount Theches (Θήχης) in Trebizond, after participating in Cyrus the Younger’s failed march against the Persian Empire in the year 401 BC. The mountain was only a five-day march away from the friendly coastal city Trapezus. The story is told by Xenophon in his Anabasis.”

This idea should be energetically replicating that feeling, and also feeling how it feels to see the ocean, the sea, for the first time.
Like replicating the feeling of seeing the ocean for the first time. Beauty, wonder, magic, the fresh saline air…
(from wikipedia)

Idea Number 2:
Energetic Panathenaea (Or Energetic Festival Replica?)

“The Panathenaea (or Panathenaia) was a multi-day ancient Greek festival held annually in Athens that would always conclude on 28 Hekatombaion, the first month of the Attic calendar. The main purpose of the festival was for Athenians and non-Athenians to celebrate the goddess Athena. Every four years, the festival was celebrated in a larger manner over a longer time period with increased festivities and was known as the Great (or Greater) Panathenaea. In the years that the festival occurred that were not considered the Great Panathenaea, the festival was known as the Lesser Panathenaea. The festival consisted of various competitions and ceremonies, culminating with a religious procession that ended in the Acropolis of Athens.”
It’d be a great idea to try to not only replicate this, or replicate the energy of the world’s festivals.

Your on-demand joy, festival energy artifact!

Ideas Number 3:
Fountain of Youth

“The Fountain of Youth is a mythical spring which allegedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. Tales of such a fountain have been recounted around the world for thousands of years, appearing in the writings of Herodotus (5th century BC), in the Alexander romance (3rd century AD), and in the stories of Prester John (early Crusades, 11th/12th centuries AD). Stories of similar waters also featured prominently among the people of the Caribbean during the Age of Exploration (early 16th century); they spoke of the restorative powers of the water in the mythical land of Bimini. Based on these many legends, explorers and adventurers looked for the elusive Fountain of Youth or some other remedy to aging, generally associated with magic waters. These waters might have been a river, a spring or any other water-source said to reverse the aging process and to cure sickness when swallowed or bathed in.”
from wikipedia

I think it’d be cool to have an energetic replication of the Fountain of Youth.
Ultimate regeneration? Youth of mind, body and spirit?!

Idea number 4:
The Myth of Dido & Phoenicia

Maybe infusing us with the archetype of Dido, the legendary founder of Carthage, as well as “sending us” to the energetic era of Phoenicia.
The wealth, the power, and most importantly the zeitgeist.
I think the archetype of Dido can be useful in our lives.


DM: Comfort Zone Expander

For most people, their comfort zones have very narrow ranges. If something happens, that is out of that range; they become uncomfortable and emotionally unstable.

This DM will gradually expand your comfort zone to the range that will result in optimal well-being for you at every level. As the comfort zone expands, your resistance to Life or “what is” will diminish, and acceptance of it becomes second nature. You’ll be able to see the perfection of every moment no matter what happens. There’ll be a “flow” in your consciousness, and you’ll feel free from limited perspectives. Flexibility and a Positive outlook become easy and natural. Fear of the unknown is lessened, and you’ll trust Life to guide you to your best path for your highest good.


Idea: An action-field

A field that helps you to do specific things. Everybody who wants to do things like a dancing course, speaking to a women/men, go to a new hobby and so on, but is hold back by fears, low self esteem and what else holds them back, knows what i mean.

Probably with an activation command, you activate and say “i want to go to this footballtraining” 1 hour before for example and the field puts you in the right mood. Lessen fears, pushes your self faith, calms the mind, helps being in the moment, boosts confidence, give the feeling of security and give you the final push to take action.

Let you do the things you wish to experience, while wiring the experience in the brain. so you learn over time, that you and you alone can do what you desire to experience. Learn even when there is fear and worries, that you are safe to do new things.

Good luck all :slight_smile:


One more Idea: a field for raising(taking care of) children

Install some knowledge how to talk, behave and understand children
to empower them
Give them unconditional self worth and trust
Setting healthy limits
And what a child otherwise needs

Boost specific characteristics from yourself like
Intuition to better understand what the kids say and to know their reel needs
Leadership(don’t know if its the right word)
Spreading unconditional love
Communication skills
Being able to think like a child
Become more creative in spending time with the kids
Dissolve ego programming and beliefs how the kid has to be, what to do because of this and that

Short to say a field with skills and knowledge to raise happy children

Had to add something, i observed often: kids(the own?!) can trigger your own deficites and traumas with ease, so a skill to recognize these moments and the awareness and knowledge how to solve it without fighting back( getting sad or angry too)


Enter into Naga world.

A field to experience and explore the beauty of Naga world. Also to gain access to the nagad immense knowledge and wisdom. This will be a great for the spiritual seekers


A whole new healed life


Physical evolution of a man / woman
which includes automated height growth, muscle growth , facial features (all the beautiful traits he/she can ever imagine)

Mental healing - A call for mental healing, life filled with full of abundance.

Spiritual healing - A call for spiritual healing from within with all the positive changes in your life.

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Dm : smart regenerative shield :shield: (srs)

This type of shield will morph to all spiritual and psychic shield you can imagine and to shield any attacks you didnt know of and also the shield can regenerate it self (getting energy from environment) and adapt in response in becoming less prone to scratches,break In short, if it causes harm it is adapted against until it becomes impossible to
cut, the shield’s regenerative ability can be triggered from any damage as long as it can be regenerated, In short, if it causes harm it is adapted against registers any of spiritual/psychic/curse/hex etc. until the attack wont do any harm to you and when the attack is registered the shield is smart so it can morph automatically for that kind of shield even you didnt notice what kind of attack that is made or attached to you
-the shield is like a web so that if it break the shield wont go down all together instead only in the area ex. someone curses your nose/skin etc. only that part get damage and other side of the web is still good so if the shield’s regenerative ability kicks in it repair only that part.

The pure, sparkling unconditional love bubble

A strengthened bubble, or fortified aura, of pure unconditional love. It lasts 10-12 hours, but can be topped up by listening to the field or carrying the digital mandala.

It will continuously and instantly infuse you and anyone (or any food and liquid) who comes within 5 feet of you with blissful, unconditional love. Contains vibrations from rose quartz, celestite and angelite as well.



Counter intentions neutralizer

Anything we desire has counter intentions. Simply clears all subconscious counter intentions on what we desire so we can manifest even faster. And only converts our desire thoughts into conceptual thinking for the subconscious that way it’s beats the negative thinking. And don’t add any negative thought protection as it will be overwhelming to the user because consistent protection causes the subconscious to be overwhelmed in my experience. Keep it simple and clear with the counter intentions and convert the thought. I experimented a lot with manifestations mandala and adding to much consistent protection does not give the desire.


Jackpot/Casino Field
or Win the lottery v2

this works to massively increase probability and luck (real and online casinos), but this time, using the invisible threads of reality and the gears of chaos to manipulate the wins in your favor, literally the universe or the crooupier will make moves at will your favor so that you win all bets, the energy of the field in addition to working externally for you it also works your subconscious to click bets at the right time, consequently a lot of money, or money whenever you want

(i criated the image:)


My idea is next: Radar field. Radar that would detect how people around us feel or have intention about us. To detect enemies, liars, fake friends, someone with killing and dishonourable intentions to us. But also , to detect who are really our friend, who love us, who feel lust for us, who is in love in us. People are usually to much shy to show such a feelings. My idea is to see it in shape of dots around head of persons around us, similar to ability to see auras. For example, black dots for someone with killing intentions to, gray for someone who wont to make fool or us or trick us, make something bad to us, red for falling in love to us, dirty red for anger, purple for sexual attraction. green for healing , dirty green for envy and jealousy, yellow for friend/parent kind of love and respect and other like that. What do you think about that?


:cherry_blossom: Simple but it will be the most powerful among all other fields :cherry_blossom:

:star2: Implant the knowledge of book Bhagawad Gita to SUBCONSCIOUS mind.
And after that scrictly follow whatever written on it.
And after that the one who got implant will circulate the knowledge to share this Field to atleast 3 people.
That way the whole world will strictly follow it …

And the whole world become a paradise for everyone.:heart:

:heart: Only one field for everything :heart:

~ If i were in place of maitreya and other energetically audio maker i would do it

And upload it for free for rest of the human beings. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Become a God, literally.

This field will only listen to your consciousness mind, nothing else.

You print the mandala, hold it in your LEFT hand, state which God/deity/being you want, and it will start downloading everything it needs to, then it will start infusing you with it, literally morphing you into the being. Note, you have to keep holding it in your left hand for about 10 minutes, which should be enough for it to download everything into the printed mandala ITSELF.

Afterwards you keep the mandala protected somewhere safe, and it will keep remotely transferring you into the being.

If you wish for the process to stop or be undone, you hold the mandala in your RIGHT hand and say “clear everything”, afterwards you put the mandala away until it is all undone, and then destroy the printed mandala. Only 1 being per printed mandala.

This can be any being, so you can experience what its like to be for example Achilles or Shiva the yogi or whatever.

Or have the power of archangel Michael etc.

Note : The field wont turn you into what you THINK the being is, but rather what the being ACTUALLY IS.

So lets say you choose Genghis Khan, then you have to be ready for the darker truths.


DM: Automated Productivity this will give you extreme productivity 24 hours a day, your thoughts will remain focused on productivity you will feel like doing something productive and beneficial at all times you will feel relentless motivation such as: listening to the fields, meditating, working, learning new languages, new skills, evolve in all aspects

increased chi and jing, body energized to accomplish tasks, this powerful energy will be directed towards willpower and eradicating laziness this will block random and negative thoughts, you will have a natural flow of positive and productive thoughts along with motivation and will power this can work on dopamine receptors to kick your addictions and have 100% productive days

photo maitreya- Produtividade Automatizada

-Productivity 24h
-Eliminate random and negative thoughts
-Eliminate laziness and discouragement
-Increased Chi and Jing to accomplish tasks and goals
-Thoughts focused on work, evolution, wealth, intelligence
-Willingness to improve in all aspects - dopamine receptors

(again I created the image:)


intention Talk loud

the brain can be easily manipulated ,
sometimes it can bring us Conflict of interests or even leading us to life that not our true purpose

this field guide you to be aware and deeply connect your intention.
receive the ability to “hear the inner voice in your head” while having decisions
it is the source of your true self .

Victim mentality destroyed

This field is gonna fix the very popular issue that people deal with All the time
its the mindset of blaming others , Escape from responsibility
it can lead to more suffering and reasons to feed our guilt and much more…

you can read more about it on wiki
[Victim mentality - Wikipedia]

Book of health - Body scanner

book of health is amazing tool for healing
but somtimes It’s not easy to diagnose all the issues
There are many other signs besides pain .

17 DM’s can be heavy or less effective
this is a smart field that will scan the body , it will fit you the right dm from the book (if purchsed )
and will make the perfect balance for your specific body automatically !