Field fatigue?

I noticed today after only two listens of the Greek god beauty then immediately afterwards two listens of the Mike Tyson field I soon felt drained and lethargic. As I understand the Tyson field should be totally counter to that so any ideas? Also now I’m irritable which is not my usual state. Thanks :pray:

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Limitless talks of energy saturation here.

Or may be even something as simple as Grounding mandala may help you.


Out of all the “boosters” I’ve used…

The most obvious and noticeably helpful one has been the Limit Breaker Mandala.

Try it out.


Chakra Furry
Grounding mandala
Limit Breaker - better

Rest and sleep


I need to take a break, too. It’s like WOW. I absorbed too much energy. Good thing I walk barefoot on a wood floor here. I need to expel this energy in various ways. I didn’t realize I was absorbing too much. I can feel the cold energy radiating from my body especially in my neck and shoulders and it feels good. No more fields, frequencies, and subliminals for a while.

Going out in nature will be good for grounding. Immersing yourself in water is very good for releasing the excess energy.


Use the grounding audio, very good.

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I’m using it now and it’s helping. I can feel cold energy being released from my body.