Energy source unloading

Here’s my situation. I’ve been working on my recovery for the past few days, chanting a mantra. Suddenly realized that I need to temporarily uninstall violet flame meditation (not maitreya field audio, but a meditation audio). Because the energy is too powerful, or I’m not following the steps, or my physical condition is not up to par. Anyway, I get stressed and I get out of control.

This is a feeling in my rehabilitation process, which is not supported by practical theory.

I feel that there are some sources of energy that cause some problems in life. But this is different from negative energy. These are positive energy sources, and they’re very good. However, there may be a variety of reasons for users to lead to greater stress in life. For example, their own conditions are not up to the standard, the progress is too fast, the use method is not appropriate and so on.

Correct me if I’m wrong and this is not true.

If that’s the case. I suggest we build a tool called “energy source offload”. Displays external energy sources other than the natural state, and optionally offloads some of them. So that in the future, if we have the opportunity, we can and can again use energy more wisely.

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Only translation software can be used for the time being. Hope to express the precision.

I am not sure what you mean. Can you explain your idea?

I don’t think one person can use all the energy (positive energy). Because the person is not qualified enough or needs to work hard, or needs to use the wrong method.
This can cause stress at this stage. The same energy may be better used a month from now, but it will cause stress now.
I personally feel THAT I HAVE BEEN USING ENERGY TOO HARD (VIOLET Flame Meditation AUDIO) AND now I want TO uninstall it. For better use in the future.

And by energy I don’t just mean the audio of the Maitreya field.

I hope I can recover quickly and then learn English. Ha, ha, ha

Different creators use completely different methods for drawing in energy. In this sense a violet flame audio by Maitreya will be completely different energy source and effect than the audio with the same name by another creator. Maitreya’s audios or DMs do not need modification to lessen the energy as they are already programmed to give the exact amount to the specific person.
If you want to remove effects from fields by other creators Maitreya already has made fields for that. You can use a grounding field and more specifically you can use the mandala to reverse effects by fields.

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OK. It seems that I need to use < reveres > and < revision > again.

I have some questions about how this field is used.
Today I found some subliminal audio that I had heard before, but had forgotten. I used the inversion again and the effect was still obvious.
So I have a few questions:

  1. Will this field automatically clean up all the audio?
    Or do I have to find the audio I’ve heard and order it to be erased?
    (I feel like I must find or recall what I’ve heard)
  2. I feel the obvious effect. Does it prove that it has been completely cleaned up?
    If there’s a subliminal audio I’ve been listening to for half a month, how long would it take me to clean it up?
  3. Can I make a history list and say “clean it all up”?
    Or do I have to clear everything out to make sure it works.

My aim is to clear it completely.
Hope to use the fastest time.

It does automatically clean up and the fact that you recalled that subliminal probably means the field got to it and removed it at least partially. Like in everything else. when you give intention it works better. So give direction to the field what you want removed. Making a list is good.
It is not possible to predict how long it will take to remove it, just use the field until you are happy with the result.

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