Dear Abbey

@Maitreya why does your field converter work half haphazardly?

What do you mean by that?

I don’t understand what your question is.

I meant to say that i get some results from my downoads and then its like i have to refresh and try again later. Like all the boosters i have and blockage clearers should send my plays working around the clock maybe right? Like self perpetuating dinamo… plus i downloaded as many session capacity inhibitors as i could find(other creators) and nervous system regenerators… :grimacing:

For the record yesterday i did have consume like 5 liters of water so maybe they’re just catching up…?

I would suggest you lay back a little and allow your energy to naturally expand. Sounds like you are very attached to a certain desire and using many boosters, cleansers, etc will cause more blockages and take longer to get your results. I used to do this as well and didn’t really get anywhere by doing this, but now l only use Infinitely Repeater as a booster and no others [unless Reality Shifter and Subconscious Connector count as boosters], and using only a few fields a day and l’m feeling so much better doing this rather than overloading and obsessing over changing everything at once


I couldn’t agree more. Less is better in energy work. If you are too attached to the outcome, you will delay the desired effect. Letting go is essential in every manifestation.


Well, alright i understand that to many ingredients can spoil the soup but i have little idea as to why having several things(blockage removers and energy amplifiers/field sensitivity enhancers and nervous system/energy field rebuilders) can only hinder my results. Granted there were no real instructions on how to use or access my field emitter so :person_shrugging: I simply like to sit within the reccamended 15cm and imagine all my desire DLs are in sinc w my field like turbine or Stark reactor. I like to “set it and forget it” not sit and think and think about what i need because i am convinced i may already have these desires(as it should be no?)
Plus expanding my energy doesn’t sound easy nor something i want to do because where does that end, exactly? Trying not to picture the device in the movie X-Men lol
Little to no idea what that means and why it would work in MY favor since im not much a believer in having to share.

Oh yeah, btw i have been used all the protection fields in arsenal found on maitreyas youtube(parasites and ai etc.) And yet they only work sometimes? Like should a car start every day like the one before or leave you feeling like you were told to jog to work or call off whenever it feels like it haha Im not keen on letting others do as they please w my energy or thought forms because that is like getting your car ‘borrowed’ w o your permission and not knowing when one can drive it so please note am usually only as passive as i like to be hence needing perfect access to the implant or whatever removers is kinda a necessity at the moment.

P.S. i greatly appreciate all the replies. Sincerely w love

Have you ever used DM: Soul Contract Revocation - MaitreyaFields ? If, despite your efforts, your results are not visible, then it can be blocked by entities that are way much darker or stronger than 4D. It can be a contract made by you in your past lives or even a parallel reality that will stop you at some point.

Playing audios or using mandalas is providing programs to your aura with information to help you to get the outcome from the description. It might take weeks, months, years. The outcome might not this what your Higher Self wants. Or it is not your timing to get it, because you need learn something.
Energy work is much more complicated than most people think. We are not so simple as human beings. We have layers (imagine onion), and you need to peel them out to see your true self. Same with issues, you need to get to the root of them to remove them.

Check our manual for the Field Emitter, so you can use it optimally.
Fields will be as effective as you allow them. That’s why we repeat, ‘Everyone is different’.

The physical body is limited by the mind and universal laws, too. Ultimately, you could be able to transform yourself by using only the power of your will, but for most of us, it is a long way to achieve this limitless state.

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