Reverse Effects from All Frequency

This audio is programmed to reverse the effects that don’t serve to your subconsciousness in a good manner from frequencies, subliminals, morphic fields, bad affirmations, binaural beats, etc. Clearing will be made on all levels, all bodies - including etheric restart.


I wish to use this frequency but I fear from what I have been through, nothing worked in these past 2 years I have been listening to garbage and nothing changed except from one last video which seen to easy the burden on my mind and get to myself. I really do want to try your video but I have my doubts: Will this remove every energy work and not discern between “the good and bad” ?
What is your knowledge of people who are energy work incompatible ? (Profile - fool_of_a_man - Sapien Medicine) (About people who are incompatible it frequencies/subliminals. Is there a way to undo every energy work? - #3 by fool_of_a_man - General Discussion - Sapien Medicine)
Will this remove also remove morphic fields information and help my body heal back to old self ?
Will this field last forever but when it’s gone my old self without energy work will remain ?

I see that you give much attention to this community thanks alot for all of them, I have been afflicted over many ills because I’m energy work incompatible and the video I suffered the most was “quadible integrity reverse frequency and subliminals” but I see that you have written “clean and not reverse” have you by luck read anything I said because I fear reverse might be to do the opposite of a subliminal I listened to and not get back to my non-energy work self.

This is for:

Reversing here means delete, erase.

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This may help you too.

DM: Revision - Full Restart

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Yes it can help maybe seeing something will be different for me than hearing something. What can I not do wrong by seeing this mandala I downloaded from the linked site ? How do I use it ?

Bring with you all the time until you feel better. Dont use other fields until then.

What do you mean ? Should I print it ? And how it should be printed ?

Check this thread and use the search option, u will find all info needed.

Digital Mandalas

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Would this have an effect on the mandalas we are carrying? I’d like to wipe out an audio I used but not interfere with my mandalas.

With this you can exactly choose what to remove:

Others like the full restart mandala is not made for exactly that, but i believe it can be done with intention or with help from higher self with the optimizer.


The ‘Reverse Effects from All Frequency’ audio is more about removing any/all energies that your subconscious wants removed. However @Flatsbi is right, the Permanent Results Integrator’s delete command is perfect for removing a specific energy.

See this thread for a detailed account of working with this field:

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I’ve been using this field for a long time, but I’ve found that if I forget what I’ve heard in the past, it doesn’t automatically delete what I don’t want. It only works if I find some audio I’ve heard in the past and consciously say, “Clean up.”
It would have been nice to add a search function, but I don’t know if it would have been difficult.
But as long as I find specific historical audio and I say “FOR all purposes, I choose to clean up/clear out/no longer need it”, then it works amazing.

I definitely underestimated this one by far

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Now all we need is a Gumroad version :face_in_clouds:

This audio indirectly also proves Maitreya Fields authenticity

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