Does morphic fields affect with your memory?

Hey there.

For the past few months ive experienced a so called ‘‘memory loss’’, i never really changed anything in my life and pretty much everything is the same. But it is getting me worried that im experiencing a mild ‘‘memory loss’’ here and there and im beginning to believe that som morphic fields are causing such affect on ones memory. I’ve only been listening to the creators Greek God series and some hormonal balancing as well as male enhancement fields.

Please keep in mind this is not a hate post or a bad review towards Maitreyas Fields. Merely my intentions of this post is to start a discussion on what can morphic fields do to ones memory whether it’s good or bad. And any experiences in the fields are welcome to join!

Thank you.

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Maitreya fields are not morphic fields, but fields with embedded energy.
I don’t think either Morphics fields or energetic fields cause memory loss.
that problem could be by stress, tiredness, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and a lot of more possible causes.


Maybe you are listening too much.
Your body couldbe spending a lot of energy to make the intended changes.

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I listen to the first field in the morning for 10 min 3 times. Second field after 6 hours 3 times, and third field before sleep 3 times

im sure the only thing i need to focus on is try to sleep early

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