Loss of sex drive from listening to morphic or energy fields

I have been using lots of energy fields and some morphic fields now for about 3 weeks and now my sex drive seems to be diminishing. This has happened before. Should i stop using the fields I am listening to and just focus on using one particular field to get my sex drive back up? Also having weird vivid dreams as well. I hate it when this happens. I have only been using fields from Maitreya, Sapien med, Spirituality Zone as well as a few subliminals. I’m a 40year old male. Any advice?

Well, fields and energy audios use some of your own energy to take effect an integrate. So it is likely using your sexual energy to do so. I recommend abstaining from masturbation (assuming you do so), and taking cold showers


Anything you recommend listening to to get the drive and vitality back up?


Hmm. Well, Maitreya’s “Bramhmacarya god” (v1) audio tends to make me very horny when I listen to it, because it fills me with a lot of sexual energy.

Also, try these audios:

Orgone Accumulator (Sapien)

Male Enhancement (Quadible Integrity)

Male Enhancement (Programmed Intnetion) (This one makes me VERY horny)


Oh, and sapien’s jing audio:


Thanks man I’ll try those!


One of my new fav.


And i recommend to get soul core restoration from sapiens, that should solve this problem forever.


This is what I use to counter-act the energy drain from using lots of fields, and it works better than anything else I’ve tried. Well, to be honest, I use the mandala version, but you can loop the audio for free to test how it’ll work for you.


my 2 Cents depending on the amount of fields and energy work you are doing perhaps it would be of benefit to listen to Maitreyas Nervous system regeneration and balancing and if you want to perhaps double up on things add in Sapiens Endocrine system regeneration to help rejuvenate your system as well in that department since energy work can be quite taxing on the endocrine system if your taking on alot of fields and energy. :slight_smile:

I hope this is of help to anyone but speaking from overloaded and too much energy experience this has helped me tremendously so I just wanted to share that.


I sure hope this means I haven’t messed up my testosterone levels…now I’m concerned…probably also explains why I haven’t been motivated to workout much this past month.

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Ok so i am now noticing my sex drive starting to come back now after a week and a half of not listening to fields or subliminals. Can someone tell me what i need to do to prevent this from happening again? I dont wanna stop listening to fields but i gotta have my sex drive.

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Maybe that’s the problem?

Charge your aura, stop listening all day long subliminals and fields, sometimes less is more (depends on the person)

Try it with HGH and Testosterone + Jing, enhanced blood circulation also might be useful

Check sapiens card system (energy expansion)

Usually when people do energywork it’s hard to not get horny unless you cleared a lot of stuff.

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What subliminals do you use?

When I use them I usually will use drvirtual7 or binaural nutrition. I haven’t used them as much as the fields though.

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This should gave you the fastest gains of all:

(make sure to have enough order/energy in your room)

Well, maybe you want to post your full stack?

Fields shouldn’t cost your libido at all.

Here it is:

  1. The Love and Pleasure Protocol_Spirituality Zone (Advanced Version) x2
  2. A life of Magical Abundance x1-2 Sapien Med
  3. Probability Alteration and Luck x1-2 Sapien Med
  4. Attract Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance x1 Sapien Med
  5. Bountiful Harvest Complete Album x1 Sapien Med
  6. Mind Settings Complete Album x1 Sapien Med
  7. Gratitude and Abundance x1 Sapien Med
  8. Money Magnet SuperConscious 900 affirmations_DrVirtual7 x1
  9. Attract Money and Wealth_Programmed Intention
  10. Manifest an Easier Life_Programmed Intention
  11. Androstenol gumroad version_Maitreya Fields x1
  12. Androsterone gumroad version_Maitreya Fields x1
  13. Androstenone gumroad version_Maitreya Fields x1

I really like that whole stack, except for line 8. DrVirtual7’s stuff I do not like, not at all.

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Sorry about asking but is there something bad in his productions?