Are morphic fields safe?

Ive known about subliminals for a while now and have used different ones for different topics. Can’t say I’ve seen too much change at all times and with a lot of people calling subliminals placebo I have had my doubts. More recently I got to know about morphic fields and have used different ones for varying topics and must say I have had clearer results with these, especially sapien androstenol. However with the fact that these fields have the ability to alter dna, I grew worried that this might have bad effects such as the development of cancer due to genetic mutations / dna alterations. And I have had some skin complexions arise during my time using this, nothing too special and I can’t directly relate them to these fields. However one of these was a new mole I saw today which I’m guessing is new. It looks reasonably normal so I’m not too worried. However it still begs the question, are morphic fields safe with no chance to cause cancer or other negative effects?


morphic fields are a tool, and to know whether to trust them, we must look at the moral values ​​(and or ethics) of the practitioner (of the manufacturer), but also the expertise of the said practitioner (maker). You can browse this forum and the sapien forum to judge these points previously stated, There are more testimonials and experience feedback than is needed to form a fair and objective opinion.

There are a lot of people who offer Morphic fields, programmed energies and others, some are excellent, others are good, and still others there is no opinion / i it is difficult to form an opinion.

Finally, sapiens products are used by thousands of people with good results and no damage, so they can be distributed in pharmacies. (I mean the same for maitreya),but like any pharmaceutical drug, there can be more or less negligible side effects for a few rare people (which can be exceptions).


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I thank you for trying your best to explain the situation of using fields and maybe implicating that everyone will have different experiences with them. However I feel like my question was not directly answered. Could the dna alterations and gene mutations caused by these fields (I’ve only been using maitreya and sapien) cause the development of cancer? If what you tried to say is that it might for some people, could you please state so directly. I’m sorry for being a little rude to your attempt in giving me a good reply, I am just a little anxious for my health. Do you have any tips otherwise? Could perhaps the dna field fix this?

no these Morphic fields will not give you Cancer (even if you are an exceptional / rare / special case). when it comes to curing cancer, there are fields that can help you with this, but will not cause cancer.

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Alright, thank you for the reply! Ive always been worrying about my health and if I have some sort of disease. Just who I am, can’t really help it that much. But this made me worry a little less atleast. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you were asking in reference to Maitreya, but she doesn’t use morphic fields

Not morphic

She does create fields though.

Fields are made from neutral energy from the Creator / Universe / God with programmed intention how the energy to act when the listener plays the audio


I missed the word “morphic”. Corrected it now

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