DM: Wealth - Release Subconscious Blockages


This field has been created to remove subconscious blockages preventing the person from attracting financial wealth as well as abundance in all its forms. It will work on removing collective beliefs about money being ‘bad’ or that only bad people can have money. Removes fear of failure and fear of success, fear from people’s envy, and the fear that if one becomes rich their loved ones may leave them or mistreat them. The field will also release fears and blockages that stop abundance in one’s life in order to test if their partner really loves them or is there for the money. It will also remove wrong and dysfunctional beliefs that come from one’s ancestral line pertaining to abundance and wealth.

The field works on increasing gratitude and joy in life and removes obstacles to enjoying one’s work and feeling enthusiastic about it.

We recommend people who have not yet discovered their life mission to use the field Blueprint of Soul ( DM: Blueprint of Soul - MaitreyaFields ) and a field that connects the person to their Higher Self.

In the end, the field connects the person to the universal energy of abundance and activates a tremendous stream of attraction towards the person of beneficial energy, occurrences and things.

The field contains the energy or the left facing Tibetan Swastika-a symbol attracting luck and prosperity that assures all one undertakes, happens smoothly and with ease. This symbol has a big effect on people around you, makes them benevolent towards you, and stimulates their desire to help you. This happens without distortion of their free will, simply because of the huge beneficial energy field around you.

This field also works on your motivation and ability to do what you have to, even if you don’t quite feel like it at that moment. This characteristic is common to all successful people–to have the discipline to delay gratification and do what you must, in order to achieve your goals, without giving in to distractions and moods.


any specific reason why this description is included?


I don’t get the question.

Love it , On my list for November among other things. Gosh I Love Maitreya Fields. thank you yawl sooo much !! Understatement. The “Groove” just keeps getting better. wow!!


hmm… what will be the benefits of those two fields with regards to this DM:WEALTH,

In the description it is stated : " The field works on increasing gratitude and joy in life and removes obstacles to enjoying one’s work and feeling enthusiastic about it."

If one has not discovered the right vocation for themselves, it is good to discover it when they use a filed that makes them enthusiastic about their work. And even if they think they have discovered that might be wrong and it’s still good to use the mentioned DMs so they know they use the energy of the fields is a beneficial direction and not just artificially boost their life in a direction that is not in fact correct to them.


Be aware, I started to used this as it will bring up emotion to the surface that will hit you. I give the emotion scale 1-10 In my experience I would range a 7-9 from past traumas. Just to prepare anyone planning to get this.


Any idea on what to do when that part comes?

Well, this is what I do. I used this to clear me out. DM: Emotional Replacer 106 it’s going to be a lot of clearing and replacing.

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Thank you :smiley: :smiley: :+1:

Does it help your finances?

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Yes, it does. And I don’t just used this as other blockages can hold a person back from attaining more money.


How do you use this field? Print it and carry it with you?

I had recently bought this mandala, I have shared my experience in the “experience” section you may want to view it!

I must say that wearing this mandala has certainly increased gratitude feeling in me for everything I do have in my life!

I am grateful to everyone and everything :heartpulse:

Thank you!
I am sorry!!
I love you!!!



I bought this because I felt there is some energy blockage and despite the fact I worked on my finances for the past year’s and I used all audios available, gate of abundance pendant, my Healy device and everything I could… None of this worked. The only one success I gained was I didn’t stress about money that much. When I missed the payment I was chilled.
I must say I have great results on everything else. Ascension, psychic gifts enhanced, thepathy, I even attracted my soulmate! (Thank you Maitreya for The Opportunities pendant and Reality Note❤️!!!)I’ve started a new business but the money flow was still blocked.
I’m extremely sensitive to energy so when I printed this mandala I felt like a soothing cleansing shower flowed through my body.
Then I started to get feedbacks from my own aura about what kind of blockage is releasing now. Wow! So much family stuff. So other fields worked and cleaned everything that was related to my attitude towards money but I didn’t know how much family stuff I have tied to me. Day by day I feel much more relaxed and in tune with the prosperity flow.
A few days ago I’ve decided how I’m going to charge people for my services to make them available for everyone not just for those who can afford them. And this is completely against all marketing rules and financial system. This mandala helped me to understand what money energy really is and how to open myself to real abundance. How to be an abundance itself. I know it will work. I will be forever grateful for this :heart:


Very nice!

You can go to meditation with the mandala and some relaxing music.

Take one notebook with you and write everything associated with the word ‘business’. What do you think about people who have businesses? What are they? What feelings your business gives you? What will happen if you have a very successful business? Do you have anything that you miss to archive that? What is it?

I think some negative beliefs can come out now with this mandala and you can clear them out.

Also, did you tried already to connect to the consciousness of your business? :wink: You can ask your business daily what you need to make, what your clients need, and everything else. :slight_smile:


Oh and one more thing.
When you create a strong connection with your business you can ask it daily to send energetic invites to the people who will have the best interest from your services, or products.
People who need the things you are offering and are searching for you will find you faster.


Cant believe we can do that, thank you @Maitreya for sharing this info.