DM: Water Emitter

This field is an upgrade for the users of The Field Emitter (Digital Mandala Manager). The field will create a connection to your gallon of water with your USB / flash drive/ memory card. You can activate any field that is on your memory device to emit the fields to your gallon of water and charge it.

How to use it:

  1.  Place this mandala on The Field Emitter and Activate it for 15 minutes to create the connection
  2.  Place this mandala on your tube of water.
  3.  The charging process for 1 glass of water is around 10 minutes
  4.  The charging process for 1 gallon of water is around 1 hour
  5.  Drink and enjoy 

P.S. You can print small / or big size mandalas. This doesn’t affect the quality of the connection.


Super Maitreya you made it :grin::pray::yellow_heart:!

Very useful for charging water with any energy without audio and without putting a mandala below the bottle.

Simply paste a microSD (or other memory card ) containing this mandala, the transmitter and the desired energy fields on a bottle :grin:

For example the “water charger” or “plasma drink” from sapien medicine. These two energetic audios are designed for water .

If you have a creative and inventive mind, there are a lot of possibilities.

A therapy with water, disinfect the water with the UV2 mandala of maitreya and many other ideas :wink:


About to drink some 5th dimensional water :sunglasses:


Ah :grin: … 3 new Sapiens medicine water charger audios were released a few minutes ago :star_struck:

Chalice well, Lourdes and the Ganges

Aren’t they using the Ganges also as a toilet and a place to get rid of dead bodies? :thinking:

it simply takes up the good energies and virtues of this river, not the pollution :slightly_smiling_face:


Did I understand correctly that you simply transfer this Mandala Water Emitter with the Fieldemitter and the audio that you would like to transfer to the water onto an SD card and then place it under the water bottle or glass to impregnate the water? A fantastic idea, by the way. :heart_eyes:


@Maitreya , I reread the description and I also have a little doubt on how to do it.

Is it :

Print this mandala then place the emitter (which is in the USB key) on top, then activate it and wait 15 min.
Then put this Mandala on the water container.

Or …

Put this Mandala directly into a USB key with the Emitter and the fields you want to integrate into the water then activate and wait 15 minutes .
Place the USB key next to the bottle .

This way.

Yes, you connect once Water Emitter with Field Emitter and then you can charge your water with the fields on your UBS by intention.


May I know does it mean putting the mandala under the water bottle?
Do we need to open the lid of the bottle for it to work?
Does the material of the bottle matter? For example a plastic bottle, a metal bottle, a glass bottle? Does it also work for thermos bottle as well?
Is it possible to charge multiple cups / glasses / bottles at the same time with same field(s) and intentions? or with different field(s) and intentions?
And, can we charge the water with multiple fields, such as weight loss, breast enlargement, beauty, love, etc., at the same time?

Sorry for so many questions.

Thank you so much!

Hello @Maitreya , I have a field broadcaster under my usb & sd cards, may I know to activate this water emitter, I have to place this water emitter on top the field broadcaster, and place the usb & sd cards on top? or I should place the water emitter separately from the field broadcaster and put another usb & sd card on top please?

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Just give once your intention to activate it and it’s done.
No need to place it separately on another USB.

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