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DM: Sleep Protection

This field has been created to protect your energy system and conscious and subconscious mind from influences while you are asleep. Malicious forces of human and non-human origin use the helplessness and lack of control over one’s consciousness most people experience to influence you, implant ideas, views, feelings and try to make you do things that are not in your best interest and are not coming from your own consciousness and will. This field will remove demonic influence, archonic influence, ET influence, AI influence, be it human or non human, intra-dimensional and extra-dimensional influence, and all other forces that try to take advantage of you while you sleep.

In addition, it calls upon the highest Divine light to protect you while you sleep.


I don’t need this if I have Smilodons protecting me while I sleep, am I right?

Edit: I got an answer from my higher self that it is my highest and best good to use this dm. Thank you for making it available.


Yeah, but if you felt that you need it, better to have it with you.


It’s funny. I just learned about a week ago why someone would want this. And then here it appears.


I bough it.
I will try today.
Maybe it will improve my sleep quality too.

@Maitreya @Vega

If my current focus is about weight/health and financial, will this field somehow help me??

This field protects you from entities while you sleep. It does nothing more. Being coerced into a contract or agreeing to something while you don’t have full control over your consciousness, like most people while they sleep can get you into real trouble so being protected at that time is priceless. But unless the issues you describe are connected to something that happens during your sleep it is not likely to directly help in those regards.


Do you need to activate this before sleeping? Or just place under bed and it works automatically?

Thank you for all you do Maitreya.

this :smiley:

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The nightmares are due to this lack of protection ?

Not always, sometimes they come from subconscious content, but sometimes they are entities attacking or a psychic attack.


Could someone tell me how far this DM reaches?

Would be nice to have it covering the whole room you sleep in or something similar. I know I can print it out and put it under the sheets, but would be nice if you could just have it on your phone/computer next to the bed or in the same room.

I think the standard 30 cm reach but you can use the DM Digital/printed Mandala Manager to set a new reach.

If you have Mandala Manager, then you don’t need to increase reach. You can just set up a command to activate this when you are in bed or specific time. It can be in your folder on the laptop.

Otherwise, print it and keep it under a pillow.