DM: Deep Sleep Regeneration

In a world where over 30% of people report experiencing frequent sleep disturbances and the quest for a good night’s sleep seems more elusive than ever, achieving profound, restful slumber becomes paramount. This energy field will help you achieve restorative and deep sleep.

This energetically programmed field communicates with your body’s rhythms, teaching it to tap into the deepest Delta frequencies during sleep, the stage where restorative benefits peak.

By providing key information to the physical and etheric body, it maximizes nightly rejuvenation, ensuring you wake up fully rested and revitalized.

Acting as a protective shield, it grounds excess electricity similar to grounding sheets, stabilizing your immediate energy environment.

Safeguarding your peaceful rest, it clears pre-sleep stress, overthinking, anxieties, and other daily emotional residuals, wrapping you in an aura of tranquility, lightness, and the comfort that everything is in perfect order.

It guides the optimal regulation of vital sleep hormones and neurotransmitters such as melatonin, cortisol, adenosine, and GABA, harmonizing them for a profound sleep state.

Masterfully crafted to resonate with your body’s natural energies, this field:

Syncs with your surroundings, fostering the most conducive conditions for sleep.

Radiates purifying energies, ensuring any barriers to restful sleep are diminished.

Enhances your ability to recognize and cater to your body and mind’s true restful needs.

For everyone seeking an elevated sleep experience, this energetically programmed field shines as a beacon, steering you towards serene nights and invigorating mornings.


does this field automatically activates when sleep is detected, or need manual handling ?

if manual is required and i add this to the mandala manager with optimizer , will it automatically be activated by the optimizer when we are sleeping ?


@Maitreya Thank god and thank you Maitreya, this is just what I needed at the right time :pray::pray::pray:


It detects automatically your zone for sleeping. No need to do anything.


Would it be helpful if we put this by our bed or under the pillow where we sleep ?

Maitreya, is it good to use this along Deep Sleep Mandala?

Under the pillow :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure, they will join forces to bring you the best sleep possible. Fields are intelligent, and they cooperate if they are in the same category.

Anyone have any success stories after using this?