DM: The Alarm

DM: The Alarm

The Alarm

This field will act as an alarm, and will wake you up at the time you need it. To use it just tell the mandala the time you want to wake up. Not only that, when you wake up you will feel super high energy and power, great motivation, and positivity. You will feel empowered to finish everything you want to do with ease. And if you don’t have anything to do it will inspire you to come up with things to do that make you feel satisfied in the long term. It knows the content of your subconscious mind and what makes you feel motivated and happy in the long term, so it uses that to help you act in your own best interest.

You can use this field also as a reminder for birthdays, holidays or other important dates. It can help you bring from your subconscious observations about your friends and relatives likes, dislikes and personalities and help you chose a present for them for their special occasions, according to their preferences that you have observed but may have forgotten.

The field can also give you ideas about how to prepare for holidays according to information about those events stored in your subconscious mind.

You can program it to remind you of your to-do list as you go about your day.


Started to work directly, almost missed an appointment :+1:


Why doesn’t it wake me up accurately every time I use it?

Hi, is this free, or is it to be acquired from here?

You might have blockages.
This field can be helpful.

This is not a free mandala. You need to buy it in the Store.

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It shouldn’t be. I have the 2.0 DM. It should be automatically activated and opened in the Mandala Manager. Why doesn’t the alarm work for me?

If the field doesn’t work as described, you might have blockages in your subconscious mind. Fields send information to your body, but it is up to your body to react.

Is there anything that can be solved? Can you provide a solution?

help me

I have 2.0, but it still can’t wake me up on time. How can I solve this problem or what mandala should I use to solve this problem?

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This is a great recommendation.

It might take some time for you, be patient.
Alternatively, you can try this field:

It will require your work. It won’t work standalone. You need to follow the command. This field will allow you to remove programs, beliefs or conditioning by yourself. It will work in your native language.