DM: Transmute Entities to White Light (Patreon Exclusive)

This will Transmute Negative Entities attached to you or around you to White light and send them to the source (GOD).

Note: ‘Patreon Exclusive Fields’ will only work for those who will download those fields legitimately, illegal share or download won’t work.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


is there a chance that an entity will retaliate when using this field??



best printed or with the emitter ?

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The entity will lose its awareness and will be Transmuted to White light, then the field sends the light to the source.

Use as you wish.


Re-subscribed to patreon because of these new exclusive fields, and I had a feeling these are some next level stuff.

This field is ineffable in its power. My lawd I’m sweating and my chest feels like it contains the heat of the sun.

Thank you so much for these Patreon exclusive fields Maitreya!


Please tell me inner resistance dissolver is added to this?

Some with lifelong possession may find their subconscious holding the entity or whatever as a form of “preference”.


Also thanks for making it


Finally your request was granted lol


ahhh it finally happened! Congrats.



Will add it


@Samurai Please update us on your progress.


Maybe it will send the self-created entities?

You are free to do anything with the one who mess with you :smiley: my hs told me this :smiley:


thats thought-forms? :smiley:

Bla bla bla

Maybe they shouldnt forcefully affect people then?

How about possessing kids?



I do not agree with the above statement as well…

The thing is most of the 4th dimension being don’t have souls they are bots created to mess around by the negative forces…

Second if someone attacks you and you say it’s okay you go and come again tomorrow to hit me . It continues until you use your power and destroy it they are made to get energy from people and make them do shit… protection of oneself is ones prime duty you just can’t let any being to mess around just because your judgement wil come to send it to source it IS needed to send it to source… If not it WIll mess or take your energy or in some cases can Take life as well. …

Those who have souls 5th dimension don’t do anything without your freewill you are involved with them or they trick you and made a contract with you that’s a different story…

And if they care about being fair then they must stop taking people energy and manipulating people’s mind… noting is wrong or right… the situation decide what’s best action for that moment… God always has it ways to delete things from creation it will use you to do so… nothing happens in the universe without the will of God… if those beings are being deleted through this field then that’s also is the will of God… This is the dream of God. You me and everything is the god. Nothing is apart from it. And in reality there is NOTHING.


Assuming there is a god (not sure lol), even if we want something gone to light, it will happen only if god allows it, right?

Yes, for example you are in lucid dream and you create your world beings, trees, places etc. That’s your dream you created everything so it is actually you in everything you created. … so everything happens in that dream it is your will you want to experience that thing…

But here the dream is made with all the details every tiny details… so it feels like real… so on. But end of the day everything happens that the supreme spirit wants… because that is the dream of the supreme spirit not mine or yours… because we are same (supreme spirit) highest self we can call.

That’s why they say we are ONE.

That’s a lot deeper can’t explain in words…


I don’t know if Swedenborg was right in the first place. Or Marzinsky either. And I don’t know if this field is based on their ideas. Acknowledged.

They are the originators of this concept as far as I know. The idea was not to annihilate an entity but to cause the being to “un-fall”. I made that term up. That’s what they found they could do. Beings who had “fallen” or turned to darkness were fully convinced that they could not un-turn.

They found that it was possible to convince the being otherwise by a force encounter with the light. Force meaning they were unwilling to encounter it. But not truly forced in the sense that they could always just leave if they wanted beforehand.

As soon as they realized they didn’t have to remain fallen they were always more than happy to return to the light where they had originated from. They would often express how deceived they had been and even name specific entities that they had been deceived by and that they wished would also become unfallen.

Were these very intelligent people being trolled by demons? Who knows.

This is good fyi info in my opinion. Take it or leave it kind of stuff. Things you can dive more into if you are interested. Or if you are sure you know better just pass it by.


It’s not the same thing, the term send to the light of this field means to send to the source, divine spark, god, or anything like that, it implies a total restructuring of the being that was sent and the transmutation into something completely different. , as far as I understand experiences, memories, nothing else is kept after that.


How do you know this?

I read it again. Ok I see. It says “to white light” not “by white light”. Still wouldn’t mind Maitreya chiming in but I can see this is a good assumption.