DM: The Right Decisions

“The Right Decisions” is a digital mandala designed to enhance your inner compass and boost your intuition, enabling you to consistently make the best decisions for yourself. It guides you in choosing what’s optimal to achieve the most satisfying outcomes for you and ensure your happiness with the final results.

Moreover, this digital mandala is infused with energies intended to attract the best into your life by minimizing negative subconscious beliefs. For instance, if someone desires a great job or partner but subconsciously feels unworthy or undeserving, they might not attract such opportunities, or if they do, they may not be able to embrace them.

It’s crafted to activate the best versions of yourself, capable of manifesting whatever you desire and drawing those possibilities towards you.

The energies embedded within also aim to make your aura attractive in a way that others can see your brilliance, potential, virtues, and the opportunities available through relationships with you. For example, someone may recognize your high responsibility and offer you a business partnership. Another might see your kindness and wish to be your partner.

This field reveals the best in you to others, adding authority, respect, and a compelling voice, ensuring others are interested in hearing what you have to say and highly value it.

The energies of this field, combined with the visibility it grants you, will open many doors and opportunities in all areas of your life, transforming it for the better.


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Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Sending this back in time with time breaker tonight. Just the field I needed right now. Thank you maitreya :pray:t3::grin::grin:


This + the butterfly effect = :exploding_head:


Wow. Thank you Maitreya !! Like someone else said, before, you’re on :fire: Fire with these DM’s (:heart:)!! This one would go great with from Pain to Power, as well as the Manifestation DM, I’m thinking of Conceptual Manifestation Box & Mind Master. Earth Activation codes as well as Nervous system activation codes, to handle these energies better at more elevated levels, with all new 5th dimensional energies arising and hitting that Planet at this time of great change!!
Thank you again. Looking forward…:wink:


You can set the intention to get your answers in your dreams. Since I have been using this, my dreams have been absolutely clear. I get direct symbols, so when I wake up, I know exactly what I need to do. It also help when you are afraid to make changes in your life, or feel torn between A and B.


Wow!! Polaris, Thank you sooooo much! When I get this DM,Im gonna try that too!!
I’ll let you know.
Thank you!!
Spiritual Good Vibe hugs, and Light Blessings. I AM so appreciative !!