DM: The Right Decisions

“The Right Decisions” is a digital mandala designed to enhance your inner compass and boost your intuition, enabling you to consistently make the best decisions for yourself. It guides you in choosing what’s optimal to achieve the most satisfying outcomes for you and ensure your happiness with the final results.

Moreover, this digital mandala is infused with energies intended to attract the best into your life by minimizing negative subconscious beliefs. For instance, if someone desires a great job or partner but subconsciously feels unworthy or undeserving, they might not attract such opportunities, or if they do, they may not be able to embrace them.

It’s crafted to activate the best versions of yourself, capable of manifesting whatever you desire and drawing those possibilities towards you.

The energies embedded within also aim to make your aura attractive in a way that others can see your brilliance, potential, virtues, and the opportunities available through relationships with you. For example, someone may recognize your high responsibility and offer you a business partnership. Another might see your kindness and wish to be your partner.

This field reveals the best in you to others, adding authority, respect, and a compelling voice, ensuring others are interested in hearing what you have to say and highly value it.

The energies of this field, combined with the visibility it grants you, will open many doors and opportunities in all areas of your life, transforming it for the better.


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Sending this back in time with time breaker tonight. Just the field I needed right now. Thank you maitreya :pray:t3::grin::grin:


This + the butterfly effect = :exploding_head:


Wow. Thank you Maitreya !! Like someone else said, before, you’re on :fire: Fire with these DM’s (:heart:)!! This one would go great with from Pain to Power, as well as the Manifestation DM, I’m thinking of Conceptual Manifestation Box & Mind Master. Earth Activation codes as well as Nervous system activation codes, to handle these energies better at more elevated levels, with all new 5th dimensional energies arising and hitting that Planet at this time of great change!!
Thank you again. Looking forward…:wink:


You can set the intention to get your answers in your dreams. Since I have been using this, my dreams have been absolutely clear. I get direct symbols, so when I wake up, I know exactly what I need to do. It also help when you are afraid to make changes in your life, or feel torn between A and B.


Wow!! Polaris, Thank you sooooo much! When I get this DM,Im gonna try that too!!
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Spiritual Good Vibe hugs, and Light Blessings. I AM so appreciative !!


@Maitreya Is it possible that some of the latest new DMs are duplicating each other in a number of ways? For example, the DM’s excellent and clear description: The Right Decisions DM: The Right Decisions (“The energies of this field, combined with the visibility it grants you, will open many doors and opportunities in all areas of your life, transforming it for the better.”) - and then DM is released: Gate Opener (“opening doors and finding solutions, people, and opportunities to assist you”) DM: Gate Opener .

Accordingly, how do I understand which one I need most or which one is stronger? If the price is not much different.

Or DM Butterfly Effect DM: The Butterfly Effect - it also seems to talk about leading to a result through small coincidences, that is, it also opens the gates to what you want. In general, I’m a little confused, because I plan to buy other DMs, and all this is quite expensive, so I want to make the right choice.

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There may be overlapping parts in the fields because when I work on a given topic, ideas come to me about what should be included in a field to make it work quickly and perfectly for the people who use it.

For example, if I create two fields: one to become a lawyer and another to become a chef, both need to include a program for “attention to detail and accuracy.”

Gate Opener is designed to work almost entirely outside of you, attracting what you need. The Right Decisions, on the other hand, works more on an internal level, opening the person’s mind to the possibility and permission to attract these things.

Let me give the following example:
If you go to a homeless person and tell them about a business idea, they might wonder if you’re okay and if you realize where they are.

But if you go and tell the same idea to someone who has already done similar things, they will show interest, listen to you, and might even act on it.

The field works in this way – to create the internal environment where you know things are possible, to expand your consciousness, and to start seeing opportunities in your mind, regardless of where you are in the material world.

P.S. Polaris recently suggested creating fields for just one specific thing, rather than including 100-200 programs and changes in a single field. People were getting confused by that. I’m not sure which is a better idea, but I think it’s good for people to receive “a lot” and to truly serve those who trust us to the fullest extent.


Thank you very much for the clarification! It seems to me that it is better to release more multi-tasking and universal fields, as now, since not all people will be able to buy a set of “fields for just one specific thing” (although such fields are also available on MaitreyaStore). Although, choosing from several similar ones, sometimes it can be confusing. But, for myself, I realized that you need to pay attention to the date of creation of the field, since the process of creating fields for you, as the creator, is in development.
Probably the best way is to buy several fields on a similar topic in order to “close this issue as much as possible” - for example, The Right Decision + Gate Opener + Butterfly Effect.
The fields will probably agree with each other and it will not be useless to purchase several fields on a similar topic. But sometimes the question of finances arises and you have to make choice. =) However, thanks for explaining the principle of creating fields!

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Follow your intuition. You don’t need to purchase 3 fields with 600 programs in them to have an effect. Sometimes, changing just one program is enough to solve a problem or bring a change.

Pay attention to where your body “clicks” when you read about different fields—it will give you a sense of what is right for you.


@Maitreya The Right Decisions field DM: The Right Decisions - judging by the more detailed description - includes everything included in the previously released DM field: Appreciated DM: Appreciated (where the description is short, and the same words are in the Right Decisions field; considering the field Appreciated is priced higher)? Or does the Evaluated field have something that is not in the Correct Solutions field and what is not written (more detailed elaboration or something else)?

And, a separate question, what can be used for excessive sweating? However, I am not overweight. I still can’t understand whether it’s psychosomatics or something else (this often manifests itself with elevated temperatures, or physical activity, for example, fast walking, although I like it, but excessive sweating is inconvenient - I like a fast pace when walking; I haven’t been able to figure out what could be the reason for a long time). What can you try to use in the fields in this case?

P.S. Thanks for the recommendations, it’s really very valuable!

Appreciation for the Right Decisions is one of the components, but not the main one. DM Appreciated is laser-focused on that. So all the power goes to this direction.

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Hey people, minimizing subsc. Beliefs in this field means, it clears beliefs on a specific topic/goal automatically? Or does it only mutes these limiting beliefs? Thanks

It clears them usually, by surfacing the belief so you can sort it out.


Thank you, intuitively I’m drawn again to removing subconscious beliefs. Would you say it is needed to do that consciously? Because I had never in the time I’m using fields, especially beliefs clearings, that I acknowledge beliefs via toughts. I mean i don’t know what Beliefs i have and what Beliefs are released, i only feel emotions like anger, sadness, worry an so on. And i tried with meditation and asking what beliefs i have🤷‍♂️

It works better when you work it consciously. When you can address the problem, you either accept this and it’s no longer an issue or find a solution for that.

Every emotion you feel says something to you. Anger often linked with boundaries, sadness with not living up to your life purpose, worry can be inherited. Pick one and ask yourself how often you feel it, when was the first time you felt this, who makes you feel that, is it the same person or maybe same situation. Check the pattern.


Thanks for your answers. I tried that very often, but somehow nothing comes to my mind when doing so. Even now, when my mind is much more silent than in the past. I use fields like sub connector to get to the root, but always fog… I also shifted to a reality, where it’s easy and exciting to explore my beliefs and feelings. I see, I’m having a problem with acknowledgement and due to that I have developed or forced a belief, that I only need to give my sub tasks and do nothing more, going on with my day. Change should come from alone is my wish, I’m lazy and insecure. Don’t trusting really what I’m doing and I think i have fear of doing something wrong or manifest negative shit. Even if i had some very exciting results in the past, but it feels like coincidences after working actively with fields like oh it was coincidentally successful.

Memo to myself🙈

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For the subconscious mind to accept new beliefs, they must be true. It will be difficult for it to accept that it’s fun to examine your beliefs because it has a function to prevent this from happening and to protect you, which practically means minimizing changes in your mental software-programs.

Instead, you should integrate the belief that you can view these things with neutrality, that it’s easy, and that you find it interesting. Beliefs that can help you: “I know which changes are safe for me,” “Change is easy,” “Change is possible,” and so on.